It happened before Dave Grashoff moved into his Roseville home. The elderly guy who lived here before crashed his car, right through the back wall of the garage.

So there may be no better place to try the Garage Lazer Parking System. This beam is supposed to stop your guessing, on where to stop, when you pull in.

“Just about every day, when I pull in, your like well ok… am I far out? Sometimes I’ll walk out and look and go, I did pretty good today,” said Grasshoff.

Installation is supposed to be easy. But we can’t get past the first step, detaching the plate from the main unit. Maybe we need a screw driver? “It’s weird, it’s just turning and turning and turning,” said Grasshoff.

Did we read this right? “Detach the plate from the main unit, it doesn’t say by unscrewing,” added Grasshoff.

Finally, I get it to pop off. We’ll blame that on confusing directions. Now Dave screws the plate into the ceiling. We attach the main unit, and go to plug it in.

But the Lazor Parking System will operate on a 9-volt too. We got a beam, now it’s time to adjust it to the right spot on the dash board.

20-minutes from start to finish, it’s ready to try out. The Lazer is triggered by a motion sensor, so we try it out by driving into the garage. “There it is, smack dab in the middle, easy to see,” said Grasshoff.

Dave isn’t sure it’s worth the hassle, saying if you’re that concerned about where to stop you can do the same thing with a string and tennis ball for less. “I guess it helped out a little bit, because I would’ve been thinking oh gosh, how close am I to knocking that stereo off,” said Grasshoff.

The garage laser parking system cost about $20 with tax. Go to


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