RICHMOND, Calif. (AP) –– Officers responding to a call about a shooting found the bodies of three men inside a Richmond apartment, police said Sunday.

The apartment is in a Richmond Housing Authority complex, in an area historically known for its high crime and drug dealing. The triple homicide Saturday came after a series of shootings last week in Richmond that left three dead and three others wounded.

Police have not made any arrests in the latest incident, but said they were questioning two “persons of interest.” Police were not seeking to question any other people.

“Everybody involved has either been interviewed or is deceased,” said Curran.

Curran said investigators have not determined a motive or the number of shots fired. Several guns were recovered from the scene, but Curran could not say how many.

“Who fired, when, how many, that’s still being investigated,” she said.

The dead were identified as the apartment’s resident, Michael Anderson, 36; Dante Deloney, 19, of Oakland, and Corey Walker Jr., 28, of San Leandro.

Curran said gunfire erupted after Deloney and Walker came to the apartment.

Despite the week of violence, Curran said increased police presence and community involvement have contributed to a recent reduction of crime in the area.

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Comments (5)
  1. babydaddy says:

    Three less drug dealers………..oh well

  2. oldfart says:

    They should legalize drugs u never hear people shooting each other over an aspirin.

  3. 209hughes says:

    Richmond Housing Authority is ran by state and federal money. They pay all the rent or partial rent for these GANG BANGERS. Hey Jerry Bob and numb nuts Pres the money should be spent else where!!!

  4. Cleotis says:

    Chillin and killin in Richmond.

  5. scott c says:

    Nigros will be nigros. somethings will never change.

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