Don begins by explaining how his new show at the new time slot will be ran, and explains the Rise Guy’s departure. He then introduces the members of the show, including his new producer, Little Joe Pittman, Don then tells us about the dog who took a dump in his front yard over the weekend, and the owner who puked her brains out.

Good Day Sacramento stops in to visit Don and wish him well, and Don brings in Little Joe to give him the Hot Seat quiz. After playing a clip from last night’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Don reads a hate email from a house frau, and tells us about the naked woman who walked into a Vacaville hotel with a gun this morning. Don then calls Spain to talk about the Running of the Bulls, and our good buddy Mark S. Allen stops by to wish Don luck on his new time slot. Don then calls Joe in again to play “Make Joe Laugh. Derek Jeter got his 3000th hit over the weekend, so Don calls New York to get their reaction, but not before discussing the Derek Jeter herpes tree.

Dave’s new show starts at noon, so the guys talk about what he has planned, and then Don calls Big Freda to talk about him making out with his niece Beth back in the day. Fred Rodgers stops by, and Don pulls out the Chris Hansen soundboard to have a conversation, then wraps things up with a 911 call from Ohio, Charlie Sheen’s rap video, and the Seinfeld “Seven” clip. And as always, Don finishes up with a caller 100, and Drew gives us a happy ending.

Comments (3)
  1. patty b says:

    “Don begins by explaining how his new show at the new time slot will be ran”….. uh, how about, will be run!

  2. Ron says:

    Why does the feed die when I try to listen on my computer at work? The show goes fine for 5 or 10 minutes then dies. And seriously first comment guy are that big of a deusch (hope I pelled it wrong so you will pout all day) that you complain about grammar?

  3. Chunk Lite says:

    Ive had the same issue with the audio ever since they stopped breaking them down into segments. Very Frustrating. Havent listened to more than the first 5 minutes in almost three weeks.

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