Dugard Case Prompts New Legislation Governing Parolee Searches

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After public outrage over multiple missed opportunities to catch Phillip Garrido, the Dugard case is prompting more action from lawmakers.

CBS13 went to the state capitol to see what politicians are doing as a result of the public outrage over how state parole agents could visit the Garridos 60 times in 10 years and not find Jaycee Dugard.

State Senator Ted Gaines may use the Garridos home video to change the California law.

“Obviously they have an ability to coerce people,” said Sen. Gaines.

He says the video showing a parole agent on a visit at the Garridos’ home could show the criminal minds at work — using a camera as a distraction.

“The Garridos kind of manipulated, I think, the inspection process by videotaping the parole officer putting, I think, undue pressure on that individual,” said Gaines.

Gaines is considering legislation to clamp down on these parole visits, banning videotape by parolees could be part of a new bill.

Did the Garridos guide the parole agent with their camera to where they want him to look? The videotape released to media runs just less than three minutes.

Sharlie Kessler has watched the tape and believes the tape shows manipulation by the Garridos.

Steve Large: How do you think that affected the search, having a video camera?

Kessler: I think it affected it a lot because I think the guy felt intimidated. Like are they going to use this against me?

Gaines is already working with the DA that convicted the Garridos on crafting a new law for next time.

Steve Large: In your mind, what is the likelihood that a heinous crime like this one could be going on right now?

Gaines: Oh, I wouldn’t doubt there’s something going on as we speak.

That is the concern for lawmakers…that it could be happening under their watch. Lawmakers are holding hearings on these changes.

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