Dugard Case Prompts New Legislation Governing Parolee Searches

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After public outrage over multiple missed opportunities to catch Phillip Garrido, the Dugard case is prompting more action from lawmakers.

CBS13 went to the state capitol to see what politicians are doing as a result of the public outrage over how state parole agents could visit the Garridos 60 times in 10 years and not find Jaycee Dugard.

State Senator Ted Gaines may use the Garridos home video to change the California law.

“Obviously they have an ability to coerce people,” said Sen. Gaines.

He says the video showing a parole agent on a visit at the Garridos’ home could show the criminal minds at work — using a camera as a distraction.

“The Garridos kind of manipulated, I think, the inspection process by videotaping the parole officer putting, I think, undue pressure on that individual,” said Gaines.

Gaines is considering legislation to clamp down on these parole visits, banning videotape by parolees could be part of a new bill.

Did the Garridos guide the parole agent with their camera to where they want him to look? The videotape released to media runs just less than three minutes.

Sharlie Kessler has watched the tape and believes the tape shows manipulation by the Garridos.

Steve Large: How do you think that affected the search, having a video camera?

Kessler: I think it affected it a lot because I think the guy felt intimidated. Like are they going to use this against me?

Gaines is already working with the DA that convicted the Garridos on crafting a new law for next time.

Steve Large: In your mind, what is the likelihood that a heinous crime like this one could be going on right now?

Gaines: Oh, I wouldn’t doubt there’s something going on as we speak.

That is the concern for lawmakers…that it could be happening under their watch. Lawmakers are holding hearings on these changes.

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One Comment

  1. Reality says:

    This is ridiculous. We don’t need a new law about this.

    Parolees should have the right to video their government invading their premises. If the Parole Agents are doing their job, there should be absolutely no problem with this.

    The Parole Agents need to be trained to ignore the cameras and to do their job. The Parole Agents need to be trained to realize that someone filming them like this might warrant a slightly more thorough search. Parole Agents need to be trained to use BASIC critical thinking skills like if they see a soundproof room with a man who has been convicted of multiple sexual assaults of young girls and kidnapping one of them, that something is likely out of place. It isn’t rocket science.

    Taking away American Citizens’ freedoms to monitor their own government is not necessary in this case.


    1. Jessie says:

      ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? “INVADING THEIR PREMISES” WOW, what about how the Garridos invaded Jaycee and all the HORRENDOUS things they did to her. As far as I’m concered they should have NO RIGHTS!!!! The parolees should be made to sit down and hand cuffed when the Parole officer enters and inspects the whole premise

      1. Reality says:

        Jessie writes: “ARE YOU SERIOUS???????”



        ““INVADING THEIR PREMISES” WOW, what about how the Garridos invaded Jaycee and all the HORRENDOUS things they did to her.”

        Jessie, not everyone who is on parole is some super hard-core criminal like these two idiots. Let’s say that you are married, have a child, your spouse gets ticked off at you, you get a divorce and your spouse claims that you have sexually molested your kid. None of these allegations are true. Your attorney suggests you take a plea bargain to make sure you don’t end up in prison because your odds of winning are only 50/50 and your spouse is very believable to a jury. So you take a plea bargain for a misdemeanor that involves having a Parole Officer.

        In this case, you should have every right to docu-ment what the government is doing inside your house.


        “As far as I’m concered they should have NO RIGHTS!!!!”

        Well, that’s probably why you would never have been a Founding Father of this country if you lived back then. Those great men displayed multi-dimensional thinking instead of single-dimensional thinking.


        “The parolees should be made to sit down and hand cuffed when the Parole officer enters and inspects the whole premise”

        I’m not sure as to how the whole process works in detail. However, people shouldn’t need to be handcuffed unless they are a threat or are severely hampering the Parole Officer’s attempt to do his/her job.


  2. North Highlands says:

    Parolees lost their right to privacy when they committed their crime so the parole agents are not invading the parolee’s premises.

    1. Mary Bianca says:

      Couldn’t have said it better! Their rights are not being invaded! They let him our EARLY and he was on PAROLE!!!! Dee De Dee! This should NEVER have happened to Jaycee! Words cannot even begin to express the outrage I have of this CA DEPT of Corrections! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

    2. Reality says:

      North Highlands writes: “Parolees lost their right to privacy when they committed their crime so the parole agents are not invading the parolee’s premises.”

      They lose some of their rights to privacy, but not all of them. Once again, not everyone on parole has actually committed a crime. So for those people, the government is de facto invading. For people that are indeed guilty, then the government is “entering.” In either event, with these semantics aside, the citizens should have a right to video the government employees that their taxpayer dollars are funding.

      By videotaping them, Parolees are helping to ensure a higher likelihood of some things:

      #1) That the Parole Officers aren’t needlessly harassing the Parolees.

      #2) That the Parole Officer does things by the book.

      #3) That the Parole Officer is doing a thorough job (as the PO won’t want the tape getting back to his boss and getting disciplined for doing a half-assed job).


  3. Chloe says:

    No new law is needed. As a parole agent/probation officer when you are conducting a search the defendant is to ALWAYS be handcuffed, all other members of the household are placed in the same room. At least one officer stays with the family and then the other officer(s) conduct the search. No one but officers should be walking around the house while the officer is there. Even if a search is not be done but just a walk through you don’t allow the defendant and family freedom to walk around, it’s just not safe. So as long as they’re doing their job properly the videotape issue is irrelevant because they would be able to do it anyways.

  4. Nigglebaun says:

    Changing/Creating laws due to others failures is not the answer.

    1. Reality says:


      What’s next…someone who is holding a kidnapped girl tries to distract a Parole Officer with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, are we going to pass a law banning any sort of chocolate chip cookies in the house when an agent enters?

      How about we just actually TRAIN the Parole Officers better? If the video had been illegal, then the Parole Officer likely still wouldn’t have found Jaycee. However, if his TRAINING was better, then he would have likely found that something was awry regardless of the filming taking place or not. I’m not sure why some of the other people here fail to see the obvious.


  5. emily stuart says:

    i thought parole was taping. if a parole officer is intimidated by a camera he needs a find a new line of work. parole should tape these people. let other officers review it and get their imput.

  6. Wayne says:

    Reality – I rarely agree with comments on this site but you hit the nail squarely on the head with your comments. It’s good to know someone has good sense when it comes to idiotic legislation.

    1. Reality says:

      Wayne writes: “Reality – I rarely agree with comments on this site but you hit the nail squarely on the head with your comments. It’s good to know someone has good sense when it comes to idiotic legislation.”

      Thanks Wayne. We as a society tend to hit the proverbial “panic button” whenever something bad happens. The 9/11 attacks are a prime example of this. We gave up our freedoms with the Patriot Act and now get molested at the airport as a result.

      Legislation isn’t always the answer to everything.

      As an aside, Penn & Teller did an episode on American’s hysteria when it comes to “safety” that fits loosely with this topic. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but if you are interested, the link to Part 1 is below (and you can find links to parts 2 & 3 on the site):


      In any event, thanks for you comments.


  7. Concerned says:

    Reality I am with you all the way. I have initiated a petition on change.org, however, I realize now that is a very liberal site where illegals are mostly getting justice and not upstanding and concerned citizens. Whatever we can possibly do to get the word out I think is needed. I too have been victimized by the “justice” system and now that I am past being broken I feel I have a duty to stand by where it is needed and this is the place. Terry has healing to do with her child and so the evil power mongers decide they’re going to further protect their campaign donors by further victimizing children by not holding parole officers accountable. Insane is not the word. The word is EVIL. And probably the only reason for the $20 mil stlmnt was BECAUSE THERE WAS EVIDENCE. Now they want to make sure they cover their tracks for any future faux pas!! Losers!!

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