ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A couple of teens allegedly stole a car and managed to make it from Nevada to Roseville before their trip came to a screeching halt.

Police actually closed in on the suspects in a Roseville shopping center parking lot, and investigators say, it was little bit of technology hidden in their car that brought police to them.

“We just saw that cops were circling around and we figured something going on — that someone got in trouble,” said Dave Lewis a nearby resident who witnessed the police chase.

People in a quiet Roseville neighborhood were startled when they heard screaming sirens and squealing tires race through their neighborhood.

“A couple of SUVs came through,” said Lewis.

Police say a late model stolen Cadillac began its trip in Nevada when two teens, a 14 and 16-year-old, allegedly decided to use the car to make their getaway.

“They escaped from a group home in Yearling, Nevada,” said Sgt. Daniel Wanamaker of the Roseville Police Dept.

On the run from that group home, the two traveled across the state line and took a break in the Roseville Square Shopping Center parking lot, say police. But little did they know that inside the car was a little bit of technology that was playing a big role in their capture.

The OnStar system had already signaled police. And when police showed up, the chase was on.

“At first the chase was slow speed,” said Sgt. Wanamaker.

And then it turned into a high speed chase into a neighborhood. Police were concerned.

“At that point we canceled the pursuit,” he said.

They didn’t want innocent people hurt. The suspects eventually jumped from the car and ran in different directions, but not before they slammed their car into a parked car.

“The rear bumper was smashed a little bit,” said.

Police say one hopped a fence and the other ran into a local business.

“Witnesses directed us to the direction they ran to,” said Sgt. Wanamaker.

With the teens caught, police say they’re glad to have OnStar as a partner.

“The technology is great. It’s nice that they got that technology,” said Lewis.

The suspects are facing charges of vehicle theft and evading arrest. Their names have not been released because of their ages.

Comments (12)
  1. Onstar is a good thing says:

    And if they made, Onstar, standard on every new car, we would not have those problems any more. And, the Police can concentrate on other Crimes.

  2. Euro Boy says:

    Big brother tracking. They will know where you go. Scary stuff.

    1. nomowelfare says:

      Euro Boy, I doubt anybody cares where you go………… well maybe your mother.

  3. No time to be Paranoid, just Live Life says:

    Eh, I don’t think that I am that important that some big, spy guy, wants to spent their time following me around. Or listening in on my conversations. What to I care. I’m not doing anything wrong anyway.

    No need to be paranoid. My motto, is and always will be, “Let it all hang out”… Meaning, be yourself and you don’t have anything to worry about… Or in my case, just be me…… I have nothing to hide… If anyone else has things to hide, then that’s their problem… And probably should be followed…. LOL…

    1. anonymous says:

      yes b/c your right to privacy is like so totally over rated….moron.

  4. English man says:

    horrible writing…………

  5. scott c says:

    Were the kids Black or Brown, It didn’t say.

    1. harry potter says:

      obviously is white illegals b/c is from Nevada.

    2. Whitey says:

      The must of been White Trash

  6. heartbreaker says:

    Sgt. Wannamaker is so fine.

  7. Barbara says:

    I was on my way home and they almost hit me with the car stupid kids. I’m concerned about WHY? they were running away? This seems a bit desperate not all group homes are for offenders I grew up in fostercare I was a State ward but a protective custody ward, I was in group homes and it was horrible, there were a few people in my childhood that wern’t predators but most of the “ADULTS” were. Not all sexual predators but there is way to much abuse in the system. Before branding these boys criminals I hope Roseville PD looks into WHY they ran. It really does only take a little humanity to turn someone’s life around. Sometimes a safe place to sleep and something to eat is enough.

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