Water Tank Mural Has Residents Guessing

DAVIS (CBS13) – Leave it to the city of Davis to put abstract art on something as mundane as a water tank.

Even the artists agree their giant canvas is unique to say the least.

 “It is kind of a weird place for art,” admitted artist Hennessy Christophel. “It’s really a primitive state.  We just have a base color right now.”  

The water tower off Interstate 80 and Mace Boulevard is currently a swirl of tan colors designed to bring movement to a lifeless structure.

“When I first looked at it I thought it was like a cow but it’s not black,” said one Davis resident.  Another told CBS13 she thought it was beautiful.

The city of Davis had $75,000 set aside for artwork for their 4 million gallon water tank.

Out of more than a dozen artists’ ideas, city officials chose Hennessy and Sofia of Licen and Christophel Mural and Design.
“We were really excited about painting a piece in a town that we love,” said artist Sofia Licen.

“It was months of brainstorming and putting together sketches and ideas,” explained Hennessy.

Using their fine arts background these commercial muralists hope to create a work of art that will draw people to the city.

The artists call the tan swirl of colors on the tank “warmth”.   They’ll add 6 to 8 foot tree sculptures extending from the top to create shadows from the sunlight.  Then they’ll add the words “Sol Omnibus Lucha”…meaning “The Sun Shining Upon Us All”.

The artists have a lot more painting to do on their 14,000 square foot canvas and hope to complete their artwork sometime this fall.


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