Don begins the show by introducing the newest member of the show, Phantom, formerly of the Rise Guys! Phantom gives us his version of the Rise Guys’ departure, which is exactly what everyone at the station has been saying, regardless of what certain listeners may think. Don then reads the text Craig sent him yesterday that was meant for Dave, and in typical DGS fashion, the guys give him a good ribbing. The lead singer for Grass Roots, Rob Grill, passed away, so Don tells us a few of his best Grass Roots stories, including the ones where he was invited to sing on stage with them. After a brief discussion about the Home Run Derby last night, and the young kid in the field who was catching everything out there, Don introduces us to Mork Encino, who is willing to let people hunt him for $10k. Super producer Joe books him for Thursday’s Show. Don then goes over the buttons on his instant replay machine that gives him his sound effects, just to familiarize his new morning listeners.

Phantom, who used to do the sports updates on the Rise Guys Show, gives Drew a little constructive criticism on his last update, and then Don plays a series of hilarious Chris Berman clips, before calling in Joe and Craig for a slap-off. The two have to trade slaps in the face with each other until one of them quits. The two go at it for 2 hours! They even battle it out during Don’s interview with Mayor Kevin Johnson, Grass Roots karaoke, and a reset of the “My Vagina Ain’t Handicapped” video. Don calls off the slap war until tomorrow, leaving Craig and Joe swollen and redfaced. Don goes over a few random news stories with us, such as a 16 lb baby being born in Texas, the Harry Potter cast doing American accents, and Don’s favorite, Jennifer Aniston saying “horny,” and “sex, drugs, and rock n roll.”

Don interviews the great comedian Dana Carvey in the last hour, Dave rips an epic fart, and Don takes a caller 100 to wrap things up.

Comments (4)
  1. Dave says:

    I am a big fan Phantom and Don. I am not really sure the 3 person format works. Time will tell and I will keep listening.

  2. Larry in Idaho says:

    Can’t belleve I’m listening to Don again. Used to listen to him when I lived in the big Sac 14 years ago, now he’s in studio. Awesome….

  3. voicer says:

    Is it possible to download the podcast for playback later on my mp3 machine? Can’t find the magic button…

    1. Doug says:

      @Voicer…I’ve been asking this for a couple of weeks now and nobody is responding…no one cares, or at least, that’s what it seems’s unfortunate…I would have appreciated at least getting a response from the webmaster or whomever takes care of this part of the site. But nothing. Good luck. The arrow on the media player used to work, but it does not anymore.

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