SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Finished ahead of schedule and under budget.  It’s not something you hear that often, but that is the case with Sacramento’s new Greyhound Bus Station.

Today is the official ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the relocation of the Greyhound terminal.

Greyhound is slated to relocate next week to a brand new $7 million terminal on Richards Boulevard just north of downtown Sacramento.

The new terminal was finished months ahead of schedule and $200,000 under budget.

Officials say buses could be rolling out of the new terminal as early as Tuesday.

City leaders say there is no project slated for the old site on 7th and l streets yet.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he’s glad the city is moving beyond the eyesore.

In the last few years police have responded to more than 3,000 calls from the station.

Comments (2)
  1. Pink Diva says:

    Moving it is all fine and dandy but what about access to local buses(RT)? How many local buses go down Richards? Oh, we just have to walk a mile to get to the light rail. Did any of you big wigs think about that? Lots don’t take cabs or get rides from the termiinal, they hop on the city bus home. Amtrak here I come.

    1. FLOP says:

      Hey Diva! Have you even been down to the new station? There is a RT bus line that runs from the station to downtown on a regular basis AND there is a light rail line being built to link Richards to downtown as we speak!!
      Do you homework before you comment please.
      I for one am just tickled pink that they moved that decrepid facility out of downtown. 3k calls to the police??!! Not surprised by that at all. Now if only they can tear down the Hotel Marshall and Barry then downtown might be actually have a chance at a successful revitilization!

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