SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento mother accused of killing her infant daughter by putting her in a microwave oven is reportedly pregnant again.

Ka Yang, 29, was back in court for a hearing in the case against her.
She is accused of killing her 6-week-old daughter, Mirabele Thao-Lo, in the kitchen microwave on March 17.

Yang broke down in tears as more than twenty member of the Hmong community turned out to support her.

Yang’s attorney says she is suffering from a number of different illnesses.

“There is concern about her medical condition,” said Ka Yang’s attorney Linda Parisi. “Obviously, I’m not at liberty to talk about her medical condition but she has many medical as well as psychological issues that need to be addressed.”

Sources also tell CBS13 that Yang is pregnant again. Yang has three other children who are being cared for by their grandparents.

Yang has not entered a plea and will return back to court on August third.

Before her arrest, Yang spoke exclusively with CBS13 and claimed her baby, Mirabelle, died after Yang suffered a seizure and dropped the baby.

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  1. LD says:

    Yeah, well…She’s magnesium deficient, and they are going to avoid this to engineer legislation directed at interacting with her unborn child. If they would treat her she would recover. They won’t. She’s a patsy for a political agenda that’s got NEO written all over it. Magnesium deficiency presents on a myriad of symptoms, including seizures, schizophreniform, and psychotic behavior that runs the spectrum of DSM diagnosis. Wonderful future here.

  2. Cmore says:

    She sure didn’t have any problem spreading those legs. If she is so “sick”, she shouldn’t be allowed to have anymore kids. Well there will be another dead kid.

  3. Cathy D. Wilemon says:

    If the child died in a fall from her arms, why didn’t she call 911 and why the hell did she put her in the microwave oven? For God’s sake, tell me she didn’t turn it on!!!! She should be sterilized and so should anyone else that kills their child!!!

  4. ignorance is unacceptable says:

    IF she is guilty, and that has not been decided-media always exaggerates- she IS accused of turning on the microwave. t took the coroner a long time to figure out what was the source of those burns. Magnesium deficiency my butt! Magnesium deficiency is easily dx and does not cause facial changes like she has. Whether or not she is guilty, this woman is sick.

  5. T Vang says:

    At this point, we don’t know the fact. The lady has many medical conditions. The death of her baby could be a negligent on her part or other cause. Sientists can only rule this out as microwave burn, but is it the truth. Who knows!

  6. T Vang says:

    One more thing, I heard that the police and DA refuse to let her see a medical doctor for her conditions and her pre-natal care. If this lady die in jail along with her unborn child, then the police and Da are murderers, right?

  7. cj says:

    All inmates receive prenatal care. None of her stories match up. She’s crazy. Post partum depression? I wonder what its been like for her other three kids. Regardless, it is no excuse. She deserves to die!

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