LODI, Calif. (CBS13) — Police arrested the parents of four children for allegedly letting their home degenerate into a filthy and dangerous environment.

The Lodi Police Department responded to reports of a fight at Kendra Brooks and Jeremy Maxwell’s apartment, but quickly arrested the couple after discovering what officers called “disgusting” conditions.

“Animals live in better conditions,” said Lodi Police Sgt. Fernando Martinez.

Responding officers said they immediately smelled the rancid odor of rotting food and dirty diapers and had to maneuver around piles of dirty clothes and trash.

Photos from the scene show downright dangerous situations, police said, including open bottles of liquor within reach of the four kids, ranging from 1 to 5 years old. Officers said they also found a sleeping baby just inches away from the spinning blades of an open fan.

“If the fan would have been knocked over it would have caused serious injury to that child,” Sgt. Martinez said.

Brooks and Maxwell are facing felony child endangerment charges, and Brooks is also facing a charge of domestic violence. Their children are staying with family members.

Comments (21)
  1. anamericancrime says:

    Looks just like the house from the movie “An American Crime.”

  2. Superman says:

    Needs more than spell check….

    “Responding officers said they immediately smelled the rancid odor of rotting food and dirty diapers and had to maneuver around piles of dirty clothes and crash”
    “CRASH”?….You mean “TRASH”?

    1. Rudy_in_Sac says:

      Oh my God!!!! Thank the heavens you were born!! I really thought they had piles of crash on their floor!!! Thankfully the spelling police exist… Good thing you choose to have no life so grammatical errors can be fixed for us..

      1. marie says:

        hahahaha too funny

  3. Downhomedude says:

    So what cop! Just because you live high off the teat of the taxpayers you get to go into other peoples’ homes and pass judgement? Exactly what would have happened to the baby? Fan falls over and just keeps going slicing off little bits of baby flying everywhere? I think not. It would have stopped spinning. Way to break up a family.

    1. Pat says:

      You are an idiot

      1. E says:

        I agree, Downhomedude. Does the Government take ANY responsibility for what they did to the average American by letting them be mothered thru welfare and then shipping our jobs to offshore countries. Government has not done a good job at anything lately and I have seen too many bad cops taking advantage of the system themselves.

    2. Bill says:

      You are an idiot but you spell well 🙂

    3. mike says:

      Wow, someone in California who doesn’t want to raise your child for you.. I don’t know if I can high five you yet though… Children don’t have a choice where they live adults do! No child deserves to live in a mess like that, and you know what if I grew up in those conditions I would hope someone would break up my “family”

  4. still kicking says:

    4 kids. How much do you want to bet that these people have been on welfare for years? Your tax dollars at work.

  5. Whitey says:

    ahhah…Y’all thought they were going to be black…LOL

    1. You are an idiot says:

      Another gurgling, knuckle-dragging racist comment by the CBS13 troll.

  6. oldfart says:

    What a shame I hope they can get it together.

  7. bri says:

    looks like that show on TV about hoarders! Some of them got in trouble too!
    You can’t leave kids in a place like that, make them clean it up to get their kids back.. Even on that TV show, when kids are involved they suffer, and go thru depression, because of the parents mess

  8. nomowelfare says:

    Just typical section 8 housing residents……..

  9. melvin says:

    “downhomedud” I think “E” wants to use you as his rubber dollie sex toy.

  10. Charles Leach says:

    I think the cops should be more busy going after more serious crimes than just breaking up families like that. Jobs going to india and china? Thats why wlfare is here to stay. NO WORK? Then become a cop! and break up more families

    1. tomanywelfarepigs says:

      Thanks to the democrats the welfare is hear to stay, If they keep feeding the welfare pigs and illegals money………. that means more democratic voters, that keep them in office. And the welfare queens just don’t get it, that their lives will never improve, it will be a lifetime of roach infested trailers and section 8 housing……

  11. disgusted says:

    Any responsible, caring adult would not have an open fan turned on in the same vicinity where children are.These parents certainly are uneducated to the danger or plain lazy or both. There is absolutely no excuse for allowing your home to become worse than a homeless camp. Shame on some of you for lumping all section 8 families in the same category with these misfits.

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