COLUSA, Calif. (CBS13) – A man was killed in front of his son during an explosive accident in a rice field Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

The Colusa County Sheriff’s Office said a dispatcher received a call from a resident just before 1:30 p.m. reporting that a 7-year-old boy showed up muddy at their home, saying his father was on fire from an explosion.

Emergency crews rushed to the field near Westcott Road at Able Road, just south of Colusa, and found the boy’s father dead at the scene. The boy had run about two miles to get help after the accident.

Investigators said 43-year-old Robert Ayala apparently turned on an irrigation pump at an electrical switch just before the reported explosion. The cause of the explosion is under investigation by detectives, PG&E and Cal OSHA representatives.

The cause of death will not be officially released until an autopsy is completed Monday.

Comments (5)
  1. hsmith says:

    How terrible for the boy who must have been scared to death. Prayers to the family.

  2. rice patti jones says:

    i bet that rice field is full of snakes
    i wont eat no rice soon

  3. doctajim says:

    My prayers go out to that little boy. When I was 10 I saw some middle school kids throw a big chunk of stolen sodium metal into a 5 gallon metal bucket filled with water, out in a field across the street from our house. The fire dept., not knowing it was sodium tried to put out the fire on the ground and inside one kid, with water. The kid died screaming – and 40 yers later I can still see it … and hear it. My heart goes out for that little guy.

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