Dave starts off the show with highlights of today’s tops stories, and gets into a rant on pointless sports with stupid fans. Dave then plays some audio clips from the new Showtime series about the SF Giants called the Franchise. After playing Brian Wilson’s comments, the listeners and Dave start a debate on players with over the top personalities. Dave also introduces his idea on making a “bracket” on super heroes like Harry Potter and Superman. A lot of hecklers weighed in on how much they hate comic book characters and some Harry Potter nerds call in with brackets.

Club 50 is gaining more momentum and as a new promotion to try and keep 50% of the listeners that tuned in for the Don Geronimo Show Dave is giving away prizes to on air contest winners at the 50 minute mark of every hour during the show. Everyday! To close out the show, Dave plays some audio of two toddlers getting in a screaming match, new car insurance commercials that Aaron Rodgers made in Green Bay.


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