By Frank Luna

I can’t say I’m a big soccer fan, but I do enjoy watching the World Cup when it comes around, save one irritating point: deciding a world championship with penalty kicks. Call me naive or not soccer savvy, but could you imagine deciding the NBA Championship by one player shooting free throws or breaking the tie in a Super Bowl by having the opposing teams kicking field goals ’till someone misses?

I understand soccer is a unique animal in that you can’t play the teams to exhaustion to see who scores, but what about involving the entire team in a kicking face off? Perhaps doing corner kicks with a 10-second duration before time is called. That wouldn’t only be exciting, but it would involve team against team and the added strategy from the opposing coaches. It would be like watching an onside kick time and time again until a clear winner was determined. Now that sounds a lot more exciting for players and fans alike.


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