Thieves targeted Sacramento’s bike share program. Program organizers say someone stole a credit card and used it to check out and steal three bikes.

The program lets cyclists rent bikes from one of two kiosks in midtown. It was launched last month and organizers say they will step up security measures.

“This is really probably just the work of probably just one person who got a hold of a stolen wallet and exploited a weakness in the system just one time,” said Iron Cycles owner Adrian Moore.

Insurance money will cover replacement bikes.

Comments (3)
  1. boycottSacramento says:

    Did they really expect this to work in crime ridden Sacramento????????

  2. @boycottSacramento says:

    I do boycott Sacramento. I spend my money in Folsom, Roseville, and Granite Bay. Ever since Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson decided to boycott Arizona by pulling Sacramento contracts with that state. A boycott Johnson initiated because of Arizona’s tough stance on illegal immigration.

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