OAKLAND (CBS13) – Two Oakland women are expected to face a judge today, on charges of taking a 4-month old baby on a crime spree.

Police say the baby’s mother Raven Stewart and her friend Lache Rodriguez started breaking into cars in Berkeley and Emeryville around noon last Friday.

Officers caught them around 8 p.m. after a security camera captured one of the crimes in Emeryville.

Police sent the women’s pictures to local security firms, and they were spotted trying to return stolen items to a Target store.

“Women don’t tend to be the ones going around doing burglaries in the day time. But what really threw us for a loop is that one of them brought along their 4-month-old baby with them,” said Emeryville Police Officer Brian Head.

The baby was taken into protective custody and later turned over to another family member.

Comments (7)
  1. DC says:

    Further proof that women are in no objective sense any better or worse than men at rearing children.

  2. Mom In The Boonies! says:

    What good mother in her right mind is going to leave her little baby alone at home while she is out stealing!!!

  3. Cheryl Garcia says:

    To bad she has to steal. That is desperation.

  4. Cleotis says:

    On the job raining for her future criminal son.
    This woman is a moron take her kid away permanently.

  5. Cleotis says:

    “Training” that is.

  6. Bonequetta says:

    These fine African American women didn’t have access to free child care thanks to those mean old tea party types. Seems to me they were forced to take their kids with them when they work. Work that involved stealing and robbery. Obama needs to increase the size of welfare checks.

  7. Auntie Zuchini says:

    Is that Obama’s sister?

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