SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — A San Rafael man is set to be arraigned on charges that he made death threats against Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Marin County prosecutors say 47-year-old Kevin Joseph O’Connell will appear in court on Tuesday, a day after he was charged.

O’Connell allegedly threatened Boxer in a voicemail he left at her San Francisco office last week. He was arrested on Saturday.

In an exclusive interview with CBS Sacramento, Sen. Barbara Boxer responded to the alleged death threats against her:

“Well, frankly, I’m not allowed to speak much about this. I just want to commend the Capitol Police and the local police in San Rafael and the FBI for doing everything they did to try and protect not only me but the members of my staff and my family and I thank them for that,” Sen. Boxer told CBS Sacramento.

Investigators tell the Marin Independent Journal O’Connell claimed in the message he was being harassed by authorities and was in a dispute with his neighbors.

San Rafael police Det. Scott Eberle says the death threat was not related to Boxer’s political positions.

O’Connell’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Bonnie Marmor, says her client suffers from a condition although she did not specify what that condition was. She says he had no intention of acting on the threat.

Comments (23)
  1. Ken says:

    Is everybody in potics going plastic???

  2. Hereticmonk says:

    I had a crazed man come to my door and deliver a death threat just before he tried to force his way into my house. When the police arrived I was told that no crime had been committed, that anyone can say “I’m going to kill you” to anyone without consequences. This is just another example that police are only there to help the wealthy.

    1. ignorance is unacceptable says:

      That is a GREAT example of how the police are only here to help the wealthy. Someone is crazy for Cocoa Puffs.

    2. JusticeWarrior says:

      And yet a crime WAS committed – he tried to break into your home!

  3. Lance burton says:

    “O’Connell’s attorney, Deputy Public Defender Bonnie Marmor, says her client suffers from a condition although she did not specify what that condition was.”

    Was it self preservation?

  4. James says:

    Where is the FREEDOM OF SPEACH!?!?!?!…….Oh, wait, that only applies to regular people but NOT IF YOU SAY IT TO POLITICIANS!!!!

    1. sacking says:

      Not sure what SPEACH is, but Freedom of Speech does not include the freedom to incite riots or cause bodily harm to another. You are free to speak in opposition to ideas and opinions of others, and to express your ideas, but we do have laws about threatening our elected officials. Sorry you can’t go threaten Obama, or Boxer or some other politician just becuase you don’t like what they say. Unless you want Secret Service knocking at youir door.

      1. Tom says:

        Why not they threaten us every day when they go to so called work where they do much of nothing but rip us off her and all politicians need to be fired and beheaded like they do in china for stealing from the people and most of America feels this way .

  5. Imagin that says:

    LOL you all beat me too it. I know 3 friends that were threatened to be killed and no one did a thing. They were told they can only do something if it was acted upon. Oh thats right politicians have special rules.

    1. sacking says:

      Yes, politicians DO have extra protection. Because nut jobs are out there ready to impose their narrow ideas and take out our elected officials. We have elections for that.

  6. Chris says:

    You all know if it was me or you that reported this about a call we got ourselves we would still be waiting for an officer to take a report.

  7. ken kado says:

    Imagin that, the difference is,… wait ,here it comes…..wait.. sorry had to fart. but the difference is; chances are you know the person threatening you and it was just heat of the moment/ releasing steam. like when me and my lilttle brother fight. But when a person you dont know call or come over and threatening you then it’s awhole lot bigger issue. Why, most people dont do this to people they dont know, with out actually going thru with it.

  8. brownguy says:

    teabagger can’t win elections so they try to kill people who won fair and square, sorry giffords and now they’re trying to kill boxer I think republicans need to get the axe

    1. rick rude says:

      Yeh “Brownguy” your opinion is credible. Get a job.

    2. Jamie says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..I’m sure if they really wanted to do that they would’ve done it ALREADY! What a lame, ignorant comment. LOL

    3. Jamie says:

      Oh, yeah, and I don’t like teabaggers either! BUT YOU’RE STILL A LAME, IGNORANT PUKE!

  9. bud says:

    brownguy is on the dole

  10. oldfart says:

    This guy needs to be locked up with Hinckle

  11. Cal Jones says:

    When you spend more money than God, more money than the US Government takes in, some people love you if they get the money but every one else is going to get mad. I’d say which group I’m in but the Senator would have police at my door.

  12. Harry Paratestes says:

    Boxer is a drain on society. her husband is a slug lawyer who rips off businesses and taxpayers left and right with “disability” claims. The Boxers are some of the worst people in AMerica.

  13. disgusted says:

    I have no problem with this threatening man getting arrested. But 500,000 bail? Come one Barbara! The woman who just got arrested for ATTEMPTED MURDER of her newborn baby only had 50 grand bail!
    Do you know what message you are sending to the kids of the nation Boxer? Do you really?
    It says….A human life is LESS important that a few words spouted over a phone!
    Why don’t you just leave our country alone if you aren’t going to do anything to fix this kind of problem?

    1. disgusted says:

      ‘Come one Barbara’ should read ‘Come On Barbara!’
      That is for the damn spelling nazis!

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