SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento mother is behind bars on child endangerment charges after police say she left her two young children alone in a car on a hot day.

Police arrested 25-year-old Kimberly Lester just after noon on Tuesday after getting a 911 call about children left in a car in downtown Sacramento.

Officers arrived at 21st Street and Capitol Avenue to find a 7-year-old and one-and-a-half year old inside a car. Police believe the children were left alone in the car for a minimum of 25 minutes.

The children have been taken into protective custody.

Lester is being held in the Sacramento County Jail on $50,000 bail. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday.

Comments (21)
  1. simpleguy says:

    How hard is it for these people to learn a simple behavior: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN IN A CAR

    1. Renee says:

      u are so right!! regardless of how long or how far u are away from your car you take the babies with u

      1. Shawn says:

        Stupid people with NO common sense….I cant believe people would even think about doing that…

  2. hulo73 says:

    some people are just too : careless/lazy/stupid to have kids!!!

  3. Osama Hangaminichad says:

    Look at her eyes. She was waiting for the dope man and would only be gone for 3-2 hours. The kids would have been just fine as she has done the same thing many times I’m sure.

  4. Sally says:

    You dumb b and to think of all the woman out there that would cherish these babies. why is it like this God gives meth and dope people babies but the ones that are straight as an arrow get nothing. The ones that try the hardest are the ones the get f

  5. Hereticmonk says:

    When I was a kid we never wore seat belts. We rode in the beds of pickup trucks. We were left unattended in cars while mom and dad went shopping. Guess what? We survived. To think of all the REAL children that are in real danger. Children like Jacey Dugar. Where was CPS for 20 years? When a child really needs the help for CPS they’re never there. It seems CPS is there to punish good parents and let the really evil ones continue to flourish.

    1. DARKANGEL76 says:


    2. simpleguy says:

      You pointed out. You rode in the beds of a PICKUP trucks, It’s open air, the temp will not get as hot as in a closed up window car.

  6. Katie says:

    Thankfully someone cared enough to call the police and they got the children out of the car before any serious health problems occurred. It always surprised me how people think it’s okay to leave kids alone in a car at any time. Even if it’s not hot out, anyone wanting those kids isn’t going to be stopped by a window. As a side note: it is also illegal to leave your pets in a car on a hot day, even with the windows rolled down a little and the police will respond to these calls as well.

  7. ignorance is unacceptable says:

    Ok I get it. I get it. Hot car…deserved to have her dumb butt hauled to jail… AWESOME! Glad the kids are ok.

    But don’t go assuming she is drugged out! I looked exactly like that from lack of sleep when my kids were that age!

  8. Suzanne says:

    Thank god there are laws against children being left in vehicles now, and also that there was someone who placed a call to authorities. I can remember being left in a hot car w/ my siblings during the summer in So Cal, while my parents went shopping- this was back in the early 1970s. It was especially miserable because we weren’t allowed to roll down the windows for fear that someone might try to kidnap us. What it comes down to is lazy & thoughtless parenting; our parents didn’t want us hurt, yet they didn’t want to deal with us while shopping either.

  9. Rich says:

    You need a license to marry, a license to run a business, a license to drive…heck you even need a license to fish!

    But anyone with working anatomy can give birth to, and raise a child without question. Funny how that works, huh?

  10. Ginger Reese says:

    Let’s leave her in a HOT car without any water on a HOT day & let her feel what it feels like. Leave the babie home or take them with you. Anyone with a brain knows that you don’t leave anything that breaths in a hot car. STUPID thing to do. She needs a good parenting class & drug testing, to make sure she wasn’t under the infunce of anything.

  11. johnmunyer says:

    I wasn’t even hot on Tuesday

    1. jerseycat07503 says:

      hot or not you do not leave your jids in the car alone

  12. Whitey says:

    O M G…she’s WHITE *Gasps*

  13. judy says:

    how about puttinG HER IN A HOT car all day and see how she likes it????

  14. Guess you have to cross your fingers and hope her fertile days are behind her….

    Negligent parenting. Disgraceful

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