Don begins with his “Regis Voicemail” story from the old Don and Mike days, then the guys talk about Tiger Woods firing his caddy.

After reading the Consumer Reports Article: How Long Does Your Underwear Last, and discussing the subject amongst the guys and listeners, Don tells us about the interview he gave with Radio Now, and the questions he was asked. The guys then talk about the hottest news ladies in Sacramento, and raise an interesting question: Is Melanie Lynskey from “Two And A Half Men” also in the latest Jack In The Box commercial?

Don then reads a list from GQ on the 10 most douchiest colleges in America, and tells us a few of his best Bart stories. Don then interviews Mark Schlereth from ESPN, and then it’s time for the guys to play the Match Game with the listeners. Don then sends Craig up on the roof to help him get over his fear of heights, which isn’t actually a fear of heights, but of wobbly ladders. Don then wraps the show up with a caller 100.


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