Grant begins by sharing his outrage about retired NFL players filing a lawsuit against the NFL for not warning them about head injuries from violent hits endured while playing. That sparks a debate on frivolous lawsuits and common sense when it comes to blaming NFL even though common sense tells you that football is a violent sport and players have the choice not to play.

Next, Ray Ratto from CSN Bay Area joins the show to talk about the new talks between the 49ers and Raiders to build a new stadium for both teams share like the NY Jets and Giants split throughout the season. They also discuss long term affects from concussions that players suffer long after they retire from the NFL.

Then Harold Reynolds from the MLB network, comes on to talk baseball with Grant and get us caught up with all the latest headlines in the MLB and Harold talks about his trip to the MBL Hall of Fame induction ceremony this weekend.
After that, Grant does his rant on Tiger Woods firing his long time caddy Steve Williams even though Tiger had a 45% winning percentage.

Monte Poole from the Contra Costa County Times joins the show to discuss the latest developments with the NFL collective bargaining agreement which is supposed to be voted on by the owners and the players tomorrow. Hopefully both sides agree with the proposed agreement and the lockout will be lifted and free agency can begin.


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