By Steve Large

(CBS13) — A Sacramento woman has become one of the only people on the planet known to have survived a bite from an extremely rare snake.

Ciara Wirth was working in Ecuador as a Fulbright Scholar when she was bitten by a Northwestern black-backed coral snake, native to the Amazon rainforest and so rare that only two people in recorded history are known to have survived its attack.

“It was pretty shocking. I obviously wasn’t expecting it to happen,” Wirth said in a Skype interview from Florida.

Wirth said she knew immediately the snake was dangerous because it wasn’t listed in her guidebook, and with a seven hour hike to the nearest road, she feared she wouldn’t be able to get treatment in time.

Using a satellite phone, Wirth coordinated with a tourist plane to pick her up and contacted the U.S. Embassy for help with a flight to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida.

“I feel very, very lucky,” she said.

Wirth said she hopes to head back into the Amazon to continue educating an ancient, diminishing tribe once she has fully recovered from her injuries. More information can be found on Wirth’s blog.

Comments (4)
  1. Max says:

    Damn, these things are dangerous as we are to them. Casualties are on both sides.

  2. LiberalButConservative says:

    “Wirth said she hopes to head back into the Amazon to continue educating an ancient, diminishing tribe…” Educating on what? We should be learning from them.

  3. alerGaNo says:

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  4. William says:

    Rare venomous snakes are not as rare as you think, a jungle is a jungle and if you don’t want to be seen or found, the jungle is the place to be. I should know- having worked in largely unexplored areas of SSE Ecuador/Peru, i too have seen my share of venomous snakes, including several 2 meter black colored, territorial, nasty tempered snakes that i have yet to find in any book! The head waters of the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean hold a great number of any type of species yet to be discovered!

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