STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — A 15-year-old boy has died and eight people were wounded after a shooting at a backyard birthday party in Stockton, police said Sunday.

At least one person in an adjoining backyard opened fire on a group of people attending the party around 11 p.m. Saturday, said Stockton police Lt. Jim Pickens. The teen died in a hospital around 9 a.m. Sunday.

The eight other people hit by gunfire included six adult males, one adult female and a male juvenile. Their conditions were not known.

Detectives were at the scene collecting shell cases, said Pickens. Police have not determined how many shots were fired or the number of weapons involved.

But investigators have determined that the shots were fired by a gunman, or gunmen, who went into the backyard and started shooting over a fence.

“It was not a neighbor who lived there,” said Pickens. “Somebody went into the backyard.”

Detectives have not identified any suspects, or determined a motive for the shooting.

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Comments (13)

    I’ll take a stab in the dark about the motive-GANG RELATED.

    1. evilhippie says:

      the thrill to kill is motive enough for psycos

    2. evilhippie says:

      thrill to kill is enough for the insane

  2. Hereticmonk says:

    There’s only two kinds of people who would take their children to a backyard bbq party in Stockton. 1. Parents who are gang affiliated. 2. Idiots.

  3. "LC" says:

    Another senseless tragedy. What is WRONG with people these days?

    I guess treating a 15 year old and a few friends to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games is too old fashioned.

    Instead the 15 year old with at least 6 adult men are still partying at 11 P.M. in the back yard.

    I suppose it is too much to hope for that all the partyers are COOPERATING with the police!

  4. #1Evil Hippie Anarchist says:

    when a federal crime is commited, no matter the state, they are sent to a federal prison, of which ca. has many, when a prisoner is paroled they are paroled not to the state in which they commited the crime but are released right here in your back yard, welcome to making prisons an industry!

  5. LD says:

    3/5 journalism rating. Something this short should be comprehensible. Missing WHEN and WHERE. Saturday Stockton doesn’t provide enough information. Good t hing this isn’t a newspaper report, because I’d cancel on this.

  6. HooDatIS? says:

    15 years old!
    so sad
    rest in peace
    people need to teach thier kids that violence is not acceptable

  7. Mace says:

    Did you notice my one word comment with all caps and a space between each letter? See how it makes it seem more authoritative than your comments. B R I L L I A N T !

  8. balloon popper says:

    Stockton is an All American City. “The recent increase in violence is due to high home foreclosures, social and economic issues.” (the last sentence was what Stockton’s mayor told a news reporter a few weeks ago when the media interviewed her about the uprise in Stockton’s crime rate)

    I almost shot coffee out of my nose when I saw that news clip on TV and I felt sorry for the news reporter who had to interview her. The sad truth is Stockton is out of control and the streets are being overran by thugs but she won’t say it because she is in denial.

    I’m sure the mayor gets quick police response but us citizens would wait hours if not days.

  9. all american what! look out says:

    Here we go again stockton. all american low life. out of control is a way of life for the stocktons low life .they think by doing this they are all that. There are more thugs then good people. They say when you live in stockton you will not get out of stockton. ha ha ha ha well i wonder why.And this party do you think is was thugs on thugs? or was it thugs and good citizens?

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