Today on the Don Geronimo show, Don talked about the death of Amy Winehouse and Club 27. He joined Good Day 31 to talk about Jared Medeiros, the guy who got stuck in the storm drain over the weekend. Don called the guy a drunken idiot which sparked his extremely upset grandma calling into the show and yelling at Don.

Don talks about him and Janet at the movies over the weekend and seeing a family wearing their PJ’s and the mom, showing off her goods….oh yeah, and Captain America also got 2 thumbs up from Don. The author of Ball Four Jim Bouton joined Don and the boys to share his stories of the book. In honor of Joe DJing on the weekends, Don tells the story of a DJing event gone horribly wrong when he was 14. The crew plays “Who Done It?” as Don quizzes them from the magazine Busted.

Don calls 7Elevens across the states playing “Domestic or Foreign”. Phantom talks about a conversation he had over the weekend about the all time cripples leading the guys to discus cripple sex. Don visits a number of websites where women fart into different food items, leading to many other fart websites and playing those creative sounds on the air. Don read some of the most touching and most ridiculous tweets from celebrities on Amy Winehouse death. And Don ends the show with a story of a kid trying to be a ninja and ends up stabbing himself in the neck with a piece of bamboo.

All that and much more of the awesomeness that is the Don Geronimo Show!


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