ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has a date with leading California Republicans.

The Republican congresswoman was announced Monday as a speaker at the California GOP’s state convention. She’ll give a banquet address during the gathering in Los Angeles in September.

Bachmann is a tea party favorite who has found herself in the thick of the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Bachmann’s appearance is a win for the party, which has struggled to attract high-profile speakers at its last few conventions.

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Comments (6)
  1. Laszlo Mohacsi says:

    This is a Joke !!?? Right ! noone is taking this woman seriously i hope! Her and palin are fruitcakes on steroids!!!!

    1. DlzLdy says:

      Better than the fruitcake currently pretending to run the country!

  2. Pfft says:

    Yea it must be a comedy show

  3. boozy says:

    Sacramenhto…meet your new President….Michelle Backmann. She will void every Communist socialist law Obama imposed on day one hour one…Maybe all those Czars need to hone up their resumes, because those communists will be out of work…

  4. FLOP says:

    Keep drinking that kool aide there boozy! You laugh a riot you!

  5. DlzLdy says:

    Pfft – The comedy is the current circus running {into the ground} this country.

    FLOP – It appears you’re the one who’s been drinking the kool-aid if you don’t see what your favorite drink did w/the last presidential election.

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