By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento homeowner is making a splash with her brand new pool. City planners approved the pool, but now they say there’s a problem.

“The tile here is from Japan. It’s called Fujiwa,” said Nance Curry-Singleton.

As she shows us the touches that make up the “wow factor” of her front yard oasis, architectural design expert Curry-Singleton glows with pride.

“I mean, it’s gorgeous,” she said.

No argument here. There’s a pool, fountains and even a kitchen.

“Oh, and we can’t forget the blender for margaritas,” she said.

This was no inexpensive renovation:

“This is over $100,000,” she said, referring to the pool.

It’s money well spent, she believes, and her neighbors love it.

“It is a little unusual, but she has a wall around it so I don’t see it,” said a neighbor.

“I think it looks real nice. I have no problem with it at all,” said a neighbor.

But city code enforcement does have a problem; not with the pool in the front yard concept, but with the amount of concrete around it.

“Typically speaking, we allow 40 percent of that area to be paved with impervious surfaces. In this incident, the applicant paved more than that 40 percent of the front yard set back area,” said Sacramento City Planning Department spokesman Greg Bitter.

“He says to me, ‘well you’re gonna have to knock all of this out and plant grass or whatever,’ and I said, ‘you’re kidding me?’” said Curry-Singleton.

“It is unusual for this to happen,” said Bitter.

But it may not have to happen. Curry-Singleton is appealing to the city’s planning commission. She points out she’s already paid a $3,000 variance and made a number of changes.

“You have to meet me halfway on this,” said Curry-Singleton.

The pool design was approved and Curry-Singleton feels someone dropped the ball when they didn’t immediately challenge her pool deck design – a pool that’s making a splash tonight in more ways than one.

Comments (8)
  1. Benjamin Stockton says:

    We’re wasting tax money in this era of austerity telling a woman how much concrete she can put around her swimming pool?

  2. Landsnekt says:

    What a wast of time and money. the City approved her plans, they are stuck with it.

  3. boycottSacramento says:

    Wasting the taxpayer money, Hey code enforcement, how about going after the trashy section 8 housing apartments, and the welfare collecting homes filled with yard cars and front yard couches.

    Jan Scully will probably jump all over this to prosecute………

    1. NoRacistRemarks says:

      AMEN! couches in the street for months!

  4. abadee says:

    This is a beautiful improvement to a great neighborhood. With city resources slim, pick your battles and move on to a Real problem area in Sacramento.

  5. Angel Ebony says:

    This is a beautiful addition to a home in a wonderful area by a wonderful homeowner, that takes the time to CARE about her home & give her neighbors some inspiration. The City needs to focus on the bigger issues instead of bothering a taxpayer about what size her wall is “for safety” on her property.

  6. Thomas Ray says:

    The City “does” need to look into more important things than how much concrete is in one area. Did they think she was going to put feathers in some parts of the landscape? The plans were approved by the City. They need to stop wasting our money on what they think an individual should do with their own personal property, suck it up, eat crow and move on.

  7. Renee D. says:

    I totally agree with all the above comments! Seriously, how can you approve a pool and not expect it to be surronded by concrete! The City needs to focus on REAL issues! This is one little house on a secluded street. And It doesn’t seem to be bothering any of the neighbors. I ived on Heatherwood way for 30 years – and I have always admired Nancy’s home and yard! Go Nancy! The Oasis you have created is absolutely amazing!! And no-one should be able to take that from you! Enjoy!

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