NATOMAS, Calif. (CBS 13) – Two wayward horses found galloping through a Natomas neighborhood with saddles on but no riders have been reunited with their owners thanks to an animal lover who found them.

When Robyn Thornton got a call Sunday night about two horses spotted galloping through a Natomas neighborhood, she did what she always does, she took them to her ranch.

“Animals find their way her, and I don’t know how,” explained Thornton. “Several pigs, potbelly pigs, dogs, my dogs are all rescues, a donkey.”

Robyn was up late trying to get the word out about the horses. She figured since the gelding and mare were saddled and appeared in good health, they had to belong to someone.

She posted notes about the riderless horses on Craigslists, newspaper lost and found sections, anywhere she thought someone might look.

She even contacted Good Day Sacramento and CBS Sacramento which featured the horses on a televised story this morning.

Shortly after the story aired, the horses were reunited with their owners. It turns out the horses had gotten spooked last night and thrown their riders.

Comments (4)
  1. Tiffany says:

    A bunch of us at the dog park in Regency tried to stop these guys, but they were quite spooked and didn’t let anyone get close. Glad to know that they made it home safe and sound.

  2. Cowgirl T says:

    I was the rider on the paint mare. She was not responding to any commands while I was on her. She was at a dead run and there was nothing I could do to control her. She started slowing down, but as she did she noticed the gelding running up behind us she started running again. I had no choice except to jump off her. I would’ve suffered far worse injuries if I had stayed on her.

    1. Julie says:

      I’m glad you and the other rider are alright. Though the black and white one (we called him Oreo) is a little stubborn, they are both good horses. I’m happy things worked out alright.

  3. Julie says:

    I was one of the people from the dog park that chased the horse and one of the few that actually got a hold of them. Poor things were soaked with sweat but eventually calmed down. I was in charge of the brown one and we nicknamed him Sunny cause he was so easy going. I totally fell in love with him. I can easily understand Cowgirl T’s comment. When we first found the horses he was not easy to work with, I was lucky that a guy with more horse experience came along to take charge so I could hand him off and then hold onto the one we called Sunny. I’m so happy they were well taken care of and that their owners found them again. I feel lucky to have spent time with them even if the situation wasn’t ideal.

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