PLACERVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — A deputy district attorney is facing DUI charges after allegedly driving to work drunk Monday, authorities said.

A Placerville California Highway Patrol officer arrested Gloria Mas inside the district attorney’s office after a co-worker reported she had traveled to work while intoxicated.

CHP officials could not reveal details of their investigation into the allegations, but said that there was enough evidence for an arrest even though an officer did not see her behind the wheel.

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said any potential prosecution in the case would be handled by the California Attorney General’s office to avoid a conflict of interest.

“Everyone is accountable for their conduct regardless of whom they are or where they work,” Pierson said in a statement. “I will not be making any further public comments on the matter.”

CBS13 was unable to contact Mas at her El Dorado Hills home Wednesday.

The CHP is still investigating the case. Mas posted bail and was released from custody, and she will make her first court appearance within the next 30 days.

Comments (8)
  1. makeitadouble says:

    Must have recieved her training from Jan Scully.

    1. makeitprison says:

      not sure what is ur problem with Scully, b/c she put u in prison..good for her. stop using internet from prison, the tax we paid to keep u.

  2. jackie says:

    This is something I have never heard before. I thought in order to be arrested for DUI that you had to be filmed driving drunk on the highway with the police
    “witnessing” erratic driving, so now one can be arrested for drunk driving while sitting at your desk at work, something very strange about this scenario, very strange indeed. I do not get the conflict of interest???

    1. Gaddffly says:

      Sounds like a hatchet job. Someone must have had a personal score to settle so instead of helping her they turned her in. Makes that place look like a real snake pit.

  3. HooDatIS? says:

    i hope they fire her stank breathe butt
    how she gone prosecute somebody and she drunk
    she look so stoned on this picture its pathetic

  4. KruizenKat says:

    The nightmare continues,,,,yes I would like the cases to be over….but the mess gets bigger.
    No ones picture looks good in booking…..
    I really think the news media should pay attention to what is still going on in the Mellisa Nichols case…..It is still going on and on….And setting precedents on new laws, maybe….go see channel 13
    Maybe Mellisa is lucky if Gloria was incompetent….

  5. Gaddffly says:

    Arrested at her desk for DUI ?? No actual witness of her driving under the influence ?? Sounds more like inter-office backstabbing. Was her desk weaving all over the office??

  6. KruizenKat says:

    Ok living in this small community and having a case in the system, I can tell you I have heard she drove her car into the parking lot, came into the office noticeably drunk. I think the call was to get her going on help. Other than alot of embarrassment nothing will happen to her. It is only the young or poor that get nailed, you can even kill someone and manage to get off with only a year or two in jail…You can be arrested walking down the street, in public, intoxicated.

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