LATHROP, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say two men are in custody after leading police and the California Highway Patrol on a pursuit that began in the San Francisco Bay area and ended about 60 miles later in San Joaquin County.

   The pursuit started around 7:45 p.m. Wednesday after officers spotted a vehicle in Newark registered to one of two men who are suspected of slayings in East Palo Alto and Grand Junction, Colo.

   Police have identified those suspects as Jaime Cardenas and Fidel Silva.

   The California Highway Patrol joined the pursuit as it continued northbound on Interstate 880. CHP Officer Sam Morgan tells KCBS officers in Lathrop stopped the men on Interstate 5 around 9 p.m. using a spike strip that popped one of the vehicle’s tires.

   East Palo Alto police say the men in the vehicle were not Cardenas and Silva.

Comments (6)
  1. Chris says:

    So 2 thieves steal a car owned by a person that is wanted for a slaying, talk about dumb and dumber. They are lucky they weren’t shot considering the police suspected the car was being driven by a person wanted for a slaying.

  2. Mace says:

    Who cares? This is NOT news and happens daily! The next great depression is coming are u ready for that?

    1. Rusty says:

      But yet the idiot reads it.

  3. Jamie says:

    The cops are the BIGGER IDIOTS here. They chase these MORONS at high speeds and ENDANGERED THE PUBLIC! They are lucky no one from the public was hurt! What a bunch of MORON COPS TRYING TO BE HEROES!!

    1. marco the man says:

      Anyone wonder if Jaime is in prison and getting his butt humped? Or has been there? Or will be there so he can get his punk butt pumped?

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