MODESTO, Calif. (CBS13) – Police arrested a mother after discovering three children the back of a U-Haul trailer during a traffic stop Wednesday night.

The Modesto Police Department said officers recognized 32-year-old Jennifer Nolan and pulled her over for driving a moving man with a suspended license.

Officers said her two-year-old child was riding in the cab without protective seating, but when authorities opened up the rear door of the trailer, they discovered three of her children, age 4 to 13, riding in the back.

Nolan didn’t tell police about her children until officers prepared to tow the vehicle away, according to Modesto Police Sgt. Brian Findlen.

“You would think that she would provide that information right off the bat, but indeed, it took her nearly 15 minutes,” Sgt. Findlen said.

Authorities said additional evidence led them to charge Nolan with felony child neglect, but investigators did not offer details.

Nolan’s children were turned over to family members.

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  1. M says:

    Proof read!!!!! Do you get paid for what you do? Frigging amazing!!!!!!!

  2. GRAPEVINE says:

    so what I rode in the back of my dads truck , what about buses no seat belts, what about rv with no seat belts

  3. AJ says:

    What happened to this lady is insane……arrested for having kids in the back of a Uhaul truck? Cut her some slack……she has no job, single mom, got kicked out of her home……obviously had no one to help her move…… one to help her with her kids while she moved……poor lasy is down on her luck……what she needs is a helping hand people….WAKE UP…… out instead of judge. We all have problems, we all go through hard times and we all make stupid decisions when we are desperate. I don’t think she is a bad person or parent….I think she made a bad judgement……geez, it almost seems like police were out to make her miserable……pulling her over yet again……..

    1. steve says:

      It wasn’t a truck fool, it was a trailer! Read before you rant.

      1. Mace says:

        What difference does it make STEVE! How stupid can u get? Ur worse than the idiot who left her kids in the untility/cargo trailer. Why do trailer trash come onto these websites spewing their stupidity? SMDH!

    2. Postalvixen says:

      Two problems with letting her slide. 1. she was driving on a suspended license. And 2. there is no adequate ventilation in the back of a u-haul moving van. Her kids could of suffered from heat exhaustion or worse if they were left in it for too long. A 21 yr old rancho woman just killed her dog after leaving him in a parked car. Sure she made stupid choices but if authorities were able to place her children in the hands of her family where was her family’s help if she was down and out?

    3. mags says:

      And how much are you giving? Maybe you should offer your home and car so she can put her kids in the trunk. Happy Trails

  4. my kids says:

    I understand she may be poor and all.Problem is it’s like 100 degrees outside and higher in a U haul with no ventilation.So yeah that is endangering a child!

  5. fenceamerica says:

    how did she rent the damn thing without a license?

  6. Shawn says:


  7. strangearrest says:

    Not enough information in this tale, what time at night, it does cool off at night. I would think the rental company would have checked out her licence they are choosy. How can you possibly suspect that someone is driving with a suspended licence unless they knew a lot about this ladies past driving, tickets, etc..and had been following her around for some reason that we know nothing about. Rather strange and fishy about this arrest., they could not look at a person driving a u-haul trailer at” night time” time no less and tell who it was driving unless they wear night googles while driving,which is illegal.
    What is going on here I think it would be interesting to know.

  8. Braveheart Burns says:

    If her children were being taken care of by family members while she’s in jail, then why didn’t she ask them to watch them while she moved? The police recognized her so she must be well known and not for good things. Maybe she will get some help while in jail as she obviosuly has some problems, parenting among others.

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