Little Joe has to wear a Giants jersey today after losing a bet to Dave over the Giants-Phillies game last night, and our listeners are still harassing that garbage radio show across the street. There is even a story on about it. The guys found a few videos of these tools online, and apparently they hold up ping-pong paddles when they want to speak, something that Don and the guys find laughable, but decide to give it a try anyway.

The guys spend the entire show using these paddles whenever they want to say something. After doing a little Porch Sittin’ (the first time with Phantom), our gay buddy Roy stops in for another edition of LaRoy’s world of gay. This time, he brings his boyfriend, Corey (Siegfried) in to hang out. The guys then debate whether or not Storage Wars is fixed, and discuss the new 2 And A Half Men ads Don wraps everything up with some really lame rappers, and a Caller 100!


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