Today on the Don Geronimo show Don recaps his amazing weekend starting with his Friday night out with Dave, Phantom and the hyper bouncing Little Joe. Don and the boys went down Friday night to Napa to see Norm MacDonald, and Don recaps everything form Dave falling asleep to Little Joe bouncing around to the WORST opening act EVER to the horrible guests behind Don to Norm MacDonald finally hitting the stage.

Don also had dinner with Mr. Steve Porsche on Saturday and broke his glasses. Tom Cousins of the Sacramento Bee wrote another agenda piece on the Don Geronimo show, and it backfired and Don let him have it! Don pulls back the curtain on the Rise Guys departure and why he is on in the mornings now and forbids Tom from writing about him ever again.

Don debuts a brand new game, 10 questions in 60 seconds. So new, he doesn’t even have a name for it, but nevertheless, awesome! Phantom calls Don’s wife and leaves a sexy message for her on behalf of Don, then calls Dave’s wife and tells her something not as pleasant, leading to possibly the best bit ever!

Don previews the shows Fantasy Football league that we will held in Dave’s garage, and looks for listeners to fill the roster out. Plus Don plays sound of a Chicago News station editing a kid saying he wants a gun when he grows when in reality he said he he wanted a gun to be a police officer. All that and a ton more AWESOME!


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