SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Two suspects were arrested over the weekend following a standoff at a Sacramento apartment complex.

Police responded to reports of someone screaming and crying at an apartment on San Juan Road. When they arrived, officers found one suspect holding a victim on her apartment floor trying to keep her quiet, while the second suspect has hiding somewhere else in the apartment.

Both of the suspects were arrested.

Comments (7)
  1. Yvonne Travers says:

    Of course….the North Area—-again.

  2. Mace says:

    What a way to start ur week…LOL

    1. Mace says:

      Dang, I write some funny stuff. Makes me LOL.

  3. Just Sayin' says:

    Doesn’t seem like much of a stand off, unless they didn’t fully report on this story, which would not surprise me one bit.

  4. John Shue says:

    Shawn? Hater much?

  5. David says:

    Ok, did the editor or even a janitor check the article for grammer?

  6. lushrimbaugh says:

    Get off the damn computer and get your fat lazy behinds in the shower !!!!!!!! And then go look for a job

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