STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — A former Sacramento legal secretary convicted of poisoning her boss in 2001, then stashing his body, is set to be released from prison.

Sarah Dutra was a 21-year-old art student at California State University, Sacramento, when she befriended the wife of her boss, attorney Larry McNabney. Prosecutors say Dutra and Laren Sims hatched a plot to poison McNabney with a horse tranquilizer so they could steal money from his practice.

Authorities arrested Sims after the body was found months later. But she hanged herself in jail and left a note implicating Dutra.

Dutra initially was charged with capital murder, but a jury ultimately found her guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

The Record of Stockton reports that McNabney’s family was notified that Dutra will be released Aug. 26 after serving most of her 11-year sentence.

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Comments (7)
  1. ... says:

    A whole new meaning to “Blind Justice” when are we going to fix a system that grants favoritism to the rich and famous. The same ones that can afford a good defense to bend the rules with jibba jabba. Compare a rich person’s crime to poor person the poor person always gets it worse for the exact same offense. Who do we ask why that is?
    Not saying this person is rich. Just wondering…

    1. sharpone says:

      She was a 21 year old student doing what was asked of her by an older woman- not wealthy. I don’t know why she had cto serve so much of her sentance.

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    If she isn’t scheduled to be released until Aug 26th, why does the headline make it seem like she was already released?

    1. thinkaboutit says:

      Because the media NEVER tells it like it is. They leave out info or they put a “spin” on it to make sell more attention. Usually society forgets media is a business first, informant second.

  3. Cal says:

    @ Just Sayin’ – Im not sure but maybe she was transferred from a state facility to a local jail to prepare for release…Just a guess. But it sure did lead me to believe she was already out!

  4. growup says:

    If she behaved herself in prison, she gets half time on her sentence. She has paid her debt to society according to law. So who cares and why is she in the news?

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