Today’s episode starts off with news of Yankees star Alex Rodriguez playing poker in a house game that cocaine was being used by attendees during the game. Listeners call in with names of the most hated athletes of all time including Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Ray Lewis and Tom Brady. Next, Drew and Dave get in a debate with listeners about whether Nascar and Poker are considered a sport.

Live updates of the SF Giants and D-backs game going on during the show. Arizona and SF are tied for first place in the NL West. In the second hour, MMA fighter Scott Smith joins the show to talk about the fight he lost on Saturday. Scott explains what he does to make weight before his fights including colon cleanser, pouring makeup remover on his body, running on treadmills wearing garbage bags inside of a hot sauna to lose pounds quickly and how he recovers his body after weigh in to battle in the cage.

Special prize giveaway for the CLUB 50 facebook fan page members. Next, Dave talks about Chris Webber walking out of an upscale steak house because the waiter wouldn’t give him any steak sauce. Then Dave calls his wife Melissa to ask her about the marathon she is running in December and wonders how much time he’ll have to baby sit while she is training. Finally he approves of the marathon and grants Melissa permission to train for marathon in the fall.


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