SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Relatives of victims who died at the hands of parolees gave emotional testimony at the state Capitol on Wednesday, and a former parole agent blasted what she described as systemic agency oversights that have been put under the spotlight in the wake of the end of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s captivity.

Retired parole officer Caroline Aguirre leveled harsh criticism at the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for what she called “the sloppiest of all parole supervision” for kidnapper and rapist Phillip Garrido, the parolee who managed to imprison Dugard in his Antioch backyard for 18 years.

“Heads should have rolled. Everyone should have been fired,” Aguirre said. “No one is held accountable. In fact, the more you screw up in the Department of Corrections, the more apt you are to get promoted.”

Aguirre referred to newly released home video from Phillip and Nancy Garrido showing the search of the couple’s home by a parole agent. The agent didn’t find Jaycee Lee Dugard because he clearly violated basic policy and procedure that all agents are supposed to follow, Aguirre said.

“That’s not a parole search. I don’t know what that guy was doing,” she added.

Grieving family members shared stories of loved ones who had been killed by parolees they say outsmarted the system and were released despite posing a danger to the public.

Karen Sutton, whose daughter Sharon was murdered on July 24, 2010, said that if the parole board had been able to exercise discretion, the murderer would never have been on the street.

“Parole officers never once saw him in five months, until he murdered Sharon,” Sutton said.

The stories of ongoing problems were heard at a community meeting organized by State Senator Ted Gaines (R-Roseville) and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to highlight the failures that allowed Garrido to escape detection for so long.

Gaines announced during the meeting that he will introduce legislation that would undo a California Supreme Court ruling that forces the parole board to consider numerous factors other than the original crime to determine whether a prison should be released.

Comments (7)
  1. Disgusted says:

    The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has the biggest waste. I’m not talking about guards and front line workers. I’m talking about the chiefs, directors, behind the desk slugs and most of all the 6 figure salary dr’s and psychologists that spend, at most, 3 hour days doing evaluations. Why aren’t they screening the parolees before they’re released. They are, but the tests given are inadequate and used since the 1930’s. Wake up a-holes and get your proctology license because your already experienced with putting your finger in your own butts.

  2. theresa says:

    icps is even worse google candice newmaker law .

  3. michelle says:

    All parolees should have to wear ankle bracelets

    1. Denise NoOne says:

      no quite the contrary, she sounds like an employee that has the nerve to say anything…Disgruntled, sheeezzzz shes getting her retirement check…I say go for it Caroline, let them all be held accountable

  4. Carolinesawhiner says:

    Caroline sounds like a disgruntled female employee who was an under performer and tried to blame it on sexism……..then took a disability retirement.

  5. Agentswife says:

    “Disgusted” is spot on! The real issue is the Supervisors of these agents who don’t provide any support to the agents themselves, load them down with cases to such a degree that it’s difficult for them to keep up. Think about it, these men and women walk into the homes of these people without backup and without the appropriate level of support. It’s sad that other people have to suffer for these failures. CDCR needs to get rid of most of the idiots who have been in charge and start all over.

  6. Denise NoOne says:

    WOW, REALLY….My husband i currently serving at P.V.S.P in Coalinga, what a joke of a job working for the good ol STATE of CALIFORNIA, CDCR…….They are all fricking corrupt, they bring in drugs,cell phones, and anything else the prisoners want because they pay big $$$$$$ to the CO who brings it….My husband has a non violent crime against him, he will be home in Febuary 2012, once he is out, names will drop and drop hard..TRUST EVERYTHING ON THAT…….

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