SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A state senator is seeking to change California law as a result of the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping case.

Republican Sen. Ted Gaines said Wednesday he will introduce legislation intended to circumvent a 2008 California Supreme Court decision.

The court ruled the state parole board cannot base its decision denying a prisoner’s release solely on the nature of the original crime.

Considering a variety of other factors could make it easier for prisoners to win release.

Since the ruling, Gaines says the board has granted parole to more than 1,300 inmates serving life terms.

Supporters of his proposal said the ruling means that even Dugard’s kidnapper, Phillip Garrido, could be deemed unlikely to commit new crimes. Dugard was held for 18 years by Garrido, then a paroled sex offender.

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Comments (6)
  1. Charlie says:

    ABOUT TIME!!! but wait, the courts are infested with so-do-mites (gays) and they will STRIKE THE LAW DOWN! We need to get rid of all these so-do-mites (gays) first!

    1. Chris says:

      Need to get rid of people full of hate first and they should start with you.

  2. sweetpea says:

    Every one of those supreme(?)court judges should be held accountable and charged with any crime that these released criminals commit. If a citizen turns his/her dangerous dog out of its enclosure and that animal harms or kills a child or adult it is put to sleep and the owners charged with the animals crime. The judges should face the same fate(not killed of course, but jailed).

  3. Lois says:

    The state probation officers were lazy and did not do their jobs. Why not fire the state workers that did not find that little girl in the backyard?
    The state of california has failed the taxpayers by not rehabilitating the inmates so they can get jobs and rejoin the communities and pay taxes. The califonia prison system is all about the guards’ jobs and pensions. How much money should we spent keeping people in government cages? And many inmates have been found innocent after many years in cages. It is very easy to get into prison and very hard to get out whether you/re innocent or guilty.
    California needs to look at Norway’s prison system.
    Yes, Senator Gaines, write more laws to employ more taxeaters that sit around all day working as babysitters. Problem solved.
    I write this from experience with the prison system.

    1. cluelesslois says:

      Lois, why don’t you get a job as a state probation officer and just find out what the job entails, then you wouldn’t be so quick to blame the officers and hug the criminals.

  4. Cruiser Martin says:


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