Lots of big things happening in Major League Baseball this weekend, with a couple of great series in each league – Red Sox / Yankees and Giants / Phillies. Grant touched on all of the above in the first couple segments, before NBA writer Ian Thomsen of SI.com updated Grant with the latest on the NBA lockout – saying that there’s no reason to believe right now that there will be an 2011-12 NBA Season.

Later, Kenny Albert of Fox Sports previewed this weekend’s Giants / Phillies match-up in San Francisco. Kenny and Eric Karros have the call for Fox’s Saturday game at AT&T Park.

Grant went outside the box with his rant, curious as to why we have to press a button to cross the street.

Caller Kevin spiced up the show momentarily by showing off his lack of knowledge about the latest on a Sports and Entertainment Complex in Sacramento.

In the last hour, Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports explains why he picked the Raiders to play in the AFC Championship game. Mike stood by his opinion that the Raiders will be the best team in the AFC West, citing that the Chiefs and Chargers both face a difficult road to compete with Oakland.


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