STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) – Police are hunting for a suspect who is still at large following a fatal stabbing near the location of a restaurant shootout earlier this week.

Authorities said 26-year-old J.J. Lewis was killed on the 400 block of West Weber Avenue on Saturday morning. A second victim was stabbed in the hand, but she is expected to recover.

Investigators announced Saturday afternoon that two suspects were arrested immediately following the incident, but 25-year-old Marcus McCliman is still loose and wanted in connection with the murder.

McCliman’s primary residence is listed in Loma Linda, but he has friends and family in the Sacramento area.

The location of the incident happened just outside the Waterfront Warehouse, where gunfire erupted Thursday inside Nena’s restaurant. No injuries were reported in the incident and no arrests have been made.

The Stockton Police Department has not said whether the incidents are related.

Anyone with information on McCliman’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Stockton Police Department immediately.

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  1. naynay says:

    please dont talk or speak on my cousin thank you. especially if you dont know him !!!!! and why would he rob, when he got money, if you didnt know my cuddy was a tru BALLEr ! and mad cuhs of a girl? why when he had plenty of those? girl just stfu

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