Calif. Prison Inmates Blocked From Using Facebook

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California prison officials say Facebook has agreed to work with law enforcement agencies nationwide to remove accounts set up by inmates, in part because prisoners are using the social networking site to stalk victims and direct criminal activity.

They announced the agreement Monday. It represents another step in a corrections department crackdown on inmates’ illegal use of cell phones.

The department confiscated 7,200 cell phones from inmates during the first six months of the year, compared to 261 six years ago.

In one case, a convicted child molester used a smuggled phone to search his victim’s Facebook and MySpace pages. He then sent current sketches of the 17-year-old to the victim’s home.

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  • Jesse Snow

    Inmates are not allowed access to computers with net connections, these computers are in Admin areas, not behind the wall. So this article is somewhat misleading. Inmates illegal use of contraband cell phones is another matter. Cell signal scramblers and detectors are now in use to remove these smuggled phones from prisons.

  • sacking

    When do we get to the point where our prisons are not seen as resorts and can actually be some sort of bad place to go. Right now, it appears that prison isn’t a bad place to spend some time.

    • itsmyopinion

      Maybe you should go & find out for yourself before talking out your backside.

      • Monstera Deliciosa

        sacking does have a point, although he seemed to use a exaggerated version of reality to make it. Crime control as a whole and corrections specifically in the U.S. have become misguided. The incentive not to commit crime doesn’t seem to be at the level is “should” be, or we wouldn’t see so much crime.

        To me, the reality that a prisoner could even have a remote possibility of smuggling a cell phone, shank, drugs, and other various contraband into their cell is appalling. Really. How, exactly ON THIS EARTH are things like that going unnoticed? HOW? I can’t believe it. There has to be a finite who, when, where, and how. I can’t believe all the avenues for transport can’t be sniffed out.

    • sshook

      hey sacking go spent time in one . Bet you will chamge your mind. it is bad

  • Skinner

    FACEBOOK????? Hell they shouldnt have the internet. Its prison not a vacation.

  • sshook

    about they been blocked

  • sshook

    About time and skinner is right they should not be able to have the internet

  • Stay Curious

    Cell phone jammers folks, cell phone jammers. I mean, the jails just need to spend as little as $75 to block a 130 foot radius. Why are we worrying about smuggled cell phone; when they can get the jammer and the phones become smuggled paper weights!

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