OAKDALE, Calif. (CBS13) – Police in Oakdale are searching for a man who robbed and beat a blind woman inside her home.

Lonnie Hatsfield, 62, is disabled, legally blind and uses a walker.  She was home alone when a suspect walked through a security door that had inadvertently been left unlocked. 

The suspect demanded money and her wedding rings.

 “I said ‘no’ and he punched me three times in the face,” said Hatsfield. “I kept hollering for help, but nobody seemed to want to help.”

Investigators say the suspect then pulled the rings off her fingers and ransacked the apartment taking money, a laptop and other items.

“And then I got up and I chased him with my walker to the door so I could get my wedding ring back,” continued a tearful Hatsfield who has been married for 47 years to her husband. “And he took the walker away from me and threw it across the room and pushed me down on the floor.”

Hatsfield has not been able to give police a good description of the suspect because she is legally blind.

She is pleading with the suspect to return her wedding ring.

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Comments (11)
  1. JJC says:

    With all the rotten things in the news now days, i just hope the police can catch this looser and give everyone somthing to feel good about. i just wish i was walking by and heard her calls for help, the only thing the police would be needed for is to haul away the trash when i got done with him. whomever did this is a real piece of garbage and needs to be taught ” an eye for an eye”.

  2. tapestry says:

    Repect, has become only a word iow class circles society.
    They could care less if they kill a child or a disabled person
    or senior they need their ‘fix’ and they will get it anyway they can.
    That is wh just y arreting users and pushers isn’t the answer. If you do
    arrest them put them in a program immediately, like an alcoholic, if
    you cut them loose after the ‘dry out’ they will just go out and do it again.
    They are habitual criminals and need to put away at least a year or two each!

    1. cf says:

      btw…there are computer programs that speak…..its called JAWS and is used by the blind..

  3. me says:

    Stole a laptop from a blind woman? That’s like brail at an ATM machine or the drivethru? I give up…

    1. Dee says:

      You are ignorant.

    2. dog says:

      There are special programs for the blind, when they rec. emails it translates it to audio. PS if you think you are being funny you are not.

      1. VICKY says:


  4. This is for the Guy who Beat the Old Woman says:

    This is for the Guy who Beat this Old Woman…………………

    I want you to know that when you are caught, I personally will see to it that you are taken out of the picture….. But, not before you experience great bodily pain….. You will be beaten, sliced & diced and fed to the fish…. But, not before you have felt days & days of pain…… You will feel pain, like you have never felt pain in your life……

    And just when you feel that we are just about done hurting you, you will be snuffed out…..

    I have people looking into this………………

    If you come forward and give back the womans wedding rings and the other stuff that you have taken, then nothing will happen to you…… But, I do promise you that if you do not give these things back with in the next 2 days, I will make it my personal mission in life to hunt you down like the dog that you are and take care of business, the only way I know how…… I will make sure that you are kept alive for at least a couple of weeks before I release you to spend your eternity in He//……

    So, I really hope you choose to give back her things and take your punishment…… But, if you choose not to give her things back, again, I will make it my mission to take care of matters another way…… And I will find you…. I always do…… And you will not see us coming for you either…. You will just wake up, and you will be out little playmate for a couple of weeks, untill we get tired of your crying and pleading…. Then we will send you on your way……

    1. Pam says:

      Awesome! I feel the SAME way about this low life thug.

      By the way, does anyone know how we can help this lady? I’m searching to find some kind of way to help her … but am coming up with nothing. She’s too cute and sweet 🙂

  5. HooDatIS? says:

    what a loser
    i hope he gets mauled by a pitbull
    or maybe one of her grandkids will beat his butt

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