Don begins by calling KNCI across the hall to ask them about Dave dropping off Club 50 bracelets for them, then tells us his 77 year old cousin Bill is one of Missouri’s most wanted men. The guys then go off on youtube videos of people squeezing zits.

After Joe and Craig are sent out to play the “I Love You” game at drive-thru windows, Don interviews comedian Dave Attell, who’s performing in Sacramento this weekend. Loyal listener Kirk, and his deaf father Don stop in to join the fantasy football league, and Doni G calls up Tony Lopez to round out the teams for this year.

We also hear the clip of Howie Mandel’s stinkbomb on America’s Got Talent, and Drew finishes us off with a happy ending!

  1. Todd Petersen says:

    Why when I listen to the audio from a previous Don Geronimo show does it always cut out and stop playing???? Seems to happen around the 90th minute give or take 20 minutes.

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