The Giants dumped another game this afternoon as their tailspin continues, and Grant opened the show by soliciting opinions from fans of the team.

In the second segment, analyst Bucky Brooks gave updates from the Raiders’ and 49ers’ training camps and from other places around the league. Bucky gives his answer as to which team he would rather coach, the 49ers or Raiders.

Grant then got to talking about some of the best NFL announcers, asking the listeners to give their thoughts.

After a rant about Rex Grossman’s overinflated expectations, Mark Purdy of chimed in on the Giants’ recent struggles, saying the team lacks confidence and fire in the clubhouse.

Later, the tremendous Scot Pollard explained why he wears a Pirates hat, why he’s such a selfish Twitter user, and why Grant’s golf tournament provides the best perks for celebrities. Pollard further went on to give his thoughts on A-Rod’s gambling “scandal” as well as an in-depth analysis of the nightlife options in Lawrence, Kansas, if you’re ever stuck in town.


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