MARYSVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — A police chief says officers shouldn’t have ticketed three drivers who honked their horns in support of a union demonstration in front of a Marysville business last week.

Union organizer Sammy Trujillo from the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades recorded video of a Marysville police cruiser immediately pursuing a driver who honked his horn twice in front of a picket line at a glass company.

The video doesn’t show what happened after the traffic stop, but the Marysville Police Department said they handed three drivers a $233 ticket for the improper use of the horn. The state vehicle code says drivers should only use their horns to give audible warnings.

Union representatives said someone inside the glass company called police to complain about the honking, and an officer set up his patrol car on company property to wait for offenders.

Police Chief Wallace Fullerton told the Appeal-Democrat, “I’m not much into getting the middle of labor disputes. Part of our responsibility is to be neutral.”

Fullerton said he plans to ask the court to dismiss the three tickets.

Organizers said they plan to be back at the Marysville business on Friday to demonstrate in support of forming a union.

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  1. Jack says:

    The cops are the robbers; A TICKET IS JUST EXTORTION!!!

  2. Dancro says:

    The vast majority of union workers are slugs without any skills, abilities or the will to perform valued work. Union leaders are the biggest duds of all and only maintain their jobs becaause of their union leader status. I would never buy stock in any company that has a unionized workforce.

  3. sean patriot says:


  4. Michele Lloyd says:

    I absolutely agree that the officers should not have ticketed the people honking their horns in support of the picketing union members.
    The police should have seized the vehicles, sold them at auction and redistributed the wealth to the indignant. And, yes, there is more, the picketing union members should have been cited for interfering with the flow of traffice and creating a public hazard.

    1. Josey says:

      What an idiotic comment, Take your nutty extremism to Afghamistan where it’ might be welcome.

      1. chris234 says:

        Why would the indignant need money?

    2. huuf arted says:

      lol@indignant… i think you meant indigent. Great double entendre however if it was intentional…

  5. John Smith says:

    So if I understand this correctly, it isn’t proper to ticket people for honking the horn of their car in support of picketing strikers, but it is proper for Police to escort Union SEIU protestors 500 strong into a private neighborhood tresspass onto private property and shout obsenities at the Home of a Bank officer, disrupt the flow of normal traffic for hours and no tickets issued? Just wanted to be clear! And you wonder why the public are turning on unions?

    1. Mike Notsaying says:

      to clear this up honking is a form of political free speech showing your support for or against – the first ammendment was ratified for specifically the right of free political speech and religious belief its that simple – what should we all get out of our cars and hold signs saying we support or disapprove of what the event is over ? sounds like you want more angry flash mobs to me

      1. cliff says:

        Actually honking a horn is not a form of free speech. Most states have laws that specifically say that a horn is only to be used to alert other drivers of impending danger..

      2. Ron D says:

        Just because there is a law on the books that says that honking is not allowed, does not mean it is a Constitutional law. Two short taps DOES NOT disturb anybody. A LOUD 30 second blast disturbs everybody. It is a matter of degree. So-called conservatives are incapable of seeing grey areas. Just like “W” said “you are either with us, or against us.” Only in Fantasyland are things that simple. The real world has many shades of grey. The Marysville Police Chief understands it – the moron patrol cop (and hopefully a future to be ex-Marysville patrol cop. I think a few months of “guarding” a garbage dump, or some other glamorous assignment might help him see his powers as a police officer are not to be taken lighly.) seems to have a hard time with seeing the difference between two teeny toots, and a real disturbance.

        The phrase is POLICE HARASSMENT. If the cops can attempt to silence one group of citizens, then it is only a short time before a group of people that “YOU” (the word “you” applies to anybody) support will he harassed. Unfortunately for you, there will not be anybody around to protest your shabby treatment, by the “Fine And Upstanding Officers of the Law.”

    2. Mike Notsaying says:


      1. theopneustic says:

        It doesn’t cost “them” it costs “us”! This seems to be a common misconception these days.

    3. latitude38 says:

      john, your comments are right on mark !

  6. El_Blanco says:

    Where is the officer’s citation for inability to use their brain?

  7. Peggy says:

    I’ve never been a member of a union, but I worked at a place where Teamster “organizers” wanted us to “organize”, and even though they got NO positive response from us, they showed up at the fast food joints we frequented FOR WEEKS trying to harass us into “joining”……..

  8. kcir321 says:

    Unions suck the blood out of America,what a worthless group

  9. theopneustic says:

    I don’t see why the tickets were rescinded, the California Vehicle code is clear on what the horn should legally be used for.It would appear to me that the Police Chief was bowing to union pressure.

  10. C. Hyatt says:

    Wait a minute, these drivers were not breaking the law. They were giving “audible warnings”. Warnings that they are tired of the c$#p that is being fousted upon business by unions. If these unions want to protest something, how about Congress giving themselves raises, Congress spending our tax dollars to go on junkets and Congress and the Administration imposing more and more regulation upon business that has driven jobs else where. It’s hard to understand why “a low paying job” is worse than “no job”.

  11. alces says:

    I have no problem with the horn blowing.What I have a problem with is unions in the first place. If you don’t like the wages and conditions at your place of employment, then take your skills elsewhere.Why don’t unions take their capital(money) and take the risk and go in competition with businesses they don’t think are treating people fair.Get out in the open market and compete and produce a product to sell.A person who takes a risk starting a business shouldn’t have someone telling him what he is going to pay and the conditions of employment.If you want that right ,then open your own business.Unions and Government corporate taxes and regulations are the reason corporations and jobs are leaving this country and moving overseas.

    1. Dave says:

      Duh, You obviously have o clue as to what a Union is about! Keep drinking that FOX cool-aid.

      1. Daryl says:

        I am forced to be in a union to keep my job. Alces has it exactly righ

    2. Simply the Truth says:

      You are 100% correct. Unions are solely for the purpose of stealing from the productive segment of the country by the worthless and lazy. Look what they’ve done for the USPS, UAW, SEIU, and you’ll get the picture.

  12. Knews5 says:

    I usually honk and flip them off

  13. feduptohere says:

    This site sucks it discriminates big time there are a dozen or more that you can not report or reply to but these same jerks are probably having my posts deleted, that is really showing how afraid they are of anyone being smarter than they are These honkers broke the law and should be ticketed the chief of police is no doubt a union member himself so is breaking the law for the law breakers and you creeps who are knocking all of Californians. are probably from some uneducated backwoods area in YOUR state and never been to California or any where else. Comcast do not put a report on my post a reply yes, report no.

  14. Dave says:

    Some things NEVER change! In the 1800’s Jay Gould said; “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.” The comments here show that is still true.Let’s all fight and make the cazillionaires richer. Like Romney says “Corporations are people”

  15. JK 185 says:

    Clearly, the trucker’s honk when driving by crowds of people, least one of them step off the curb. Nothing illeagal there.

  16. lexeverb says:

    I am sure you will love mbt for more detail

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