DAVIS, Calif. (CBS13) — The Slushy Magic says it’s the super duper slushy maker that’s frozen fun for everyone. The cup and magic cubes are supposed to turn any drink into a slushy. You just pour it in, and shake, shake, shake for two minutes. We solicit the help of the Battistoni and Bradshaw kids on a near triple digit day in Davis.

After freezing the squishy cubes overnight, we drop them in the supplied cup. The kids pour in lemonade and they start shaking. The Slushy Magic claims this is when the snow flake science happens transforming the lemonade into a frozen drink. The kids are tired after two minutes, but it worked. They had a lemonade slushy. The kids give it thumbs up, and their moms like it too.

“You could put any drink in there so you know what juice you’re giving them. I think it’s great,” Cindi Bradshaw said.

“It’s easy and the kids could do it all by themselves. Mom’s like that,” said Nadia Battistoni.

It cost $19.99 for two plus processing and handling.

The cubes are not dishwasher safe. You can wash the cup and lid on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Comments (2)
  1. Old_Norse says:

    “It’s easy and the kids could do it all by themselves. Mom’s like that,”

    This should read “Moms like that”. No apostrophe to make a plural. You call yourselves a news organization? Get a new copy editor, sheesh.

  2. Manmeet says:

    We also happen to have a Friday/After socohl tradition: Our infamous Friday Night Mommy Movies ! See, I get to pick the flick, Mary Poppins, Shirley Temple, The Passion of Christ j/k) and the kids actually watch it. They are allowed popcorn in the living room (typically a No Food Zone) but when the credit roll, I turn up the lights and for each piece of popcorn I can find on the floor, they each lose a point. (Long story, but suffice to say, if/when they reach 10 , they are allowed one reward’ from out treasure chest and start back on ZERO.) So, when ever the final swell of music begins to crescendo, both kids immediately drop to their ground and pick up every crumb seriously, sometimes they work better than our dust buster!

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