SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A bill that would require workers who gather petition signatures for California ballot initiatives to disclose whether they are being paid has moved one step closer to the governor’s desk.

The Assembly voted 47-23 Monday to approve SB448, which requires the workers to wear a button on their chest reading “PAID SIGNATURE GATHERER” in large type. Opponents say the requirement limits free speech.

The bill by Democratic Sen. Mark DeSaulnier of Concord was amended to drop requirements that volunteer signature-gatherers also wear badges and that the badges say where the worker is registered to vote.

If the Senate approves the amended bill, it would go to Gov. Jerry Brown.

Earlier this month, Brown vetoed a bill that would have prohibited paying petition workers based on how many signatures they collect.

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  1. whatnext says:

    Really silly waste of time by the assembly, any intelligent petition signer asks the workers who, what , etc. before they sign the petition and they usually have that information available for you to read before you sign.

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