Cemetery Worker Saves Elderly Woman From Burning Home

SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) – An 87-year-old Sutter County woman had no way out of her burning home, but little did she know that her hero was just across the street.

Barada Moncravie was taking care of the grounds at Sutter Cemetery when he glanced across the street and saw smoke coming from the home. He remembered that an elderly woman lived at the home and ran across the street to try to help.

He kicked the front door a few times, and then finally busted his way in using his shoulder. As he reached the homeowner, Naomi Claspill, she was huddled inside her dog’s kennel, clutching the animal.

He realized he was trapped. But Moncravie, fueled by adrenaline, tore down a chain link fence and was able to get the woman and her dog out.

  • kitsings1

    What a brave, unselfish guy!. His courage and willingness to help should be acknowledged!

  • jackie

    He did something very dangerous to save the life of this lady and her little companion a modern day saint.

  • tapestry

    First the mail man and now the cemetary worker both saving lives!
    its the average working guys that are the hero’s this week!
    We all have the capability but we are rarely tested.
    Good job Mr Mongravie!

  • William Tell

    Theres a real hero, Good job Barada!

  • laurie209

    Now this is a hero. He did what came naturally to him, being a good human being who cares about others. Thank you Mr. Moncravie for your bravery. fast action and no hesitation in saving this lady and her dog. Yes, you are a true hero.

  • kim

    Barada could have turned a blind eye like so many do, and just ‘not got involved’, but instead he saved her precious elderly life :)

    Thanks Be To God! for The Power he recieved from above in a adrenaline rush to break through the fence.
    I See they both are very special people :)


  • Denise Stagner

    You should be proud Barada. You were taught well by your parents. Thank you for stepping up……Fan.tastic story everyone should read

  • wendy tanner

    awww bear im so proud of u what a hero!! miss u take care!

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