SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. (CBS13) – Vandals have hit again in the Antelope area this time tagging a school, homes, cars, mail boxes and fences with white supremacist graffiti, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies.

Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Jason Ramos says homes on Palmerson Drive, North Loop, Journey’s End Court, and Old Dairy Lane have been targeted.

Deputies also say Antelope Meadows Elementary school was also tagged. Two portable classrooms were spray-painted with swastikas and the words “white power.” School workers painted over the graffiti before 6:30 a.m.

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  1. Swim says:

    Nice pic! Swastika painted over 13th street gang tag. Can we just hope that both these groups of thugs kill each other off.

  2. Gryphon says:

    Not much of a surprise in the greater Sacramento and Northern Valley area. White Supremacists are scattered all over. This type of activity is about as brave as they get though.

    1. Robert says:

      Actually most gangs promote a racist undertone wether it White, Black, Mexican, Asian, Russian, Ect…  So why the need to focus only on the white aspect?? What the community and the surrounding communities need to focus on would be the root problem which is parenting their children, the children in their neighborhood And a simple lack of unity to their neighborhoods. 
      I mean when was the last time you talked with your neighbors? Do you Know their names how about there children?  I think we have be come a nation full of communities of individuals!

  3. sinkalip says:

    It’s news in Antelope? When graffiti happens in South Sac it sure isn’t.

  4. ihatenazis says:

    Big news lol, lol, why doesn’t CBS show some REAL MEXICAN grafitti that is all but covering LA this is nothing in comparison to that MEXICAN LA GRAFITTI the mexican grafitti does show some talent however lol.

  5. Schwantz Johnson says:

    Because “The Lopes” are so so hard.

  6. elliott the Cat says:

    Sacramento is great place full of not so great people.

    Suckers wouldn’t last a a week in Africa , Iraq or South East Asia.
    Been to all three, No food , no water , to toilet no moms house to run to.

    No money for spray paint and actual punishment if you break the law.

    These kids will never know right from wrong until show by force.

  7. rmcsticks says:

    these are not kids , they are future inmates sucking the life out of your tax dollar ! when are you going to say enough is enough , this BS about giving inmates more school in prison is BS we have colleges on the outside for good people and great kids. you want school stop being stupid and lazy and get off my hind tit……do ya feel me ! ! F$%k you punks

  8. rmcsticks says:

    I came to sac to invest some money in the houseing market , but I have never seen so many lazy people in all my life. And as for all you punks , for god sakes stop inhaleing good air and just die, you are sucking the life out of good people. and for all you good people stop whinning and start taking your town back, stop whinning to the police and take care of it yourself…My truck was riped off right in front of my new house, I found out who did it and took care of it myself, he wont be doing that anytime soon in this life, and by the way he was that same POS that you let your gov. put back on the street…..

  9. rmcsticks says:

    you dont like what I have to say ? then get back under your rock and keep crying

  10. Whitey says:

    All gang members are punks. They have to run in packs so we can all think they’re tough and intimidating. Not one of them can stand on his/her own and make something of themselves. Since they’re lazy, stupid and weak, it’s just easier to form a pack, like dogs, and take from others that actually accomplish something. In the end, they don’t mind dying because they have nothing worthwhile to live for.

  11. jackolantern says:

    Grayphon is right, just wait until Monday night it will get worse.

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  13. Kieran Kelch says:

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