A new law in the South requires people who sell scrap copper to show a sheriff’s department-issued permit when doing business at the scrap yard. The law also requires recyclers to be paid by check.

Would a similar law stem rampant copper theft in Northern California?

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  1. delta says:

    Something has to be done…. Recycling companies should have to keep records of who, what kind, and how much material they buy from individuals.
    The problem with the sheriff dept. being the enity to issue permits is that most of the individuals dealing in recycling in Sacramento also have records involving drugs and other illegal activities. It won’t stop the ilegal market.

  2. Lew Ninwosix says:

    they will always find a way

  3. jack1122 says:

    I guess it’s time for Latinos and Blacks to get real jobs.

  4. sad says:

    I guess your just mad that they make more money than you. White people took the land from the indians, brought the black people over for slavery, hired Latinos for the dirty wotk. Now there jealous because Latinos are becoming the majority making more money and taking from the white people what they took from the Indians

  5. antfreq says:

    It won’t work. Bad guys will sell the copper to legit sellers for 1/4 of the price (cash under the table). Legit sellers will then sell the copper with their permit.

  6. delta says:

    In all due respect. Here in the Delta, the 13 busts they made in June for copper theft was primarily while males in their 20’s & 30’s, I know there were no blacks busted and I don’t remember there being any hispanics.. These seems to be a white trash crime.

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