STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) – Drivers in Stockton have been dealing with an unusual road hazard for days — a dog that has been dodging traffic and sitting on the side of a Stockton bridge since last Friday.

Lisa Dubois has been a dog trainer for 22 years. She believes the dog was abandoned on the bridge and is waiting for its owner to return.

She and several other people have tried to save the dog but the scared pooch won’t let anyone get near it.

There is concern if someone tries to corner it, the dog will run into the road and possibly cause an accident.

“If she bolts and a driver comes around the bend, it’s like a split-second reaction and they’re not going to see her and not going to have time to stop,” said Dubois.

Dubois wants Animal Control officers to come back out and temporarily close the bridge so the dog can be safely captured.

In May, a stray black and white Border Collie/Aussie mix dog lived near the Interstate 5 off ramp at Fruitridge Road. She eluded capture for 42 days.

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  1. Bentley M. says:

    This is not complicated. Close the road. Get the dog. Is this rocket science? Good grief people. Do the right thing.

  2. JRGage says:

    Wow, shut down a bridge to catch a dog. Yep, that makes sense. Sorry, I’ve run over plenty of animals in my day. Not on purpose, but I’d rather not endanger my life for the sake of a non-sentient.

    Easy solution? Shoot the dog with a freakin’ tranq gun already and put it in a net. Don’t they have any animal control out there?

  3. Sam Basso says:

    The way to get this dog is to camp out there with the dog, along with food and water. The dog will warm up to you over time, provided you don’t keep forcing yoiurself on the dog. Another trick is to bring along another friendly dog or several friendly dogs in a group (obviously on leash) since dogs are often curious and feel more comfortable with having another dog around. Then, you can try and put a leash on the other dog when it approaches. I know, I’m also a dog trainer – see

    1. don paolino says:

      you are right. I had a dog from the shelter who was terrified of human interaction and wouldnt eat. I set food out and just left her alone. After four days she started eating and then came up to me on her own and licked my hand. All the dogs want is to be loved. They will return it 10 fold.

  4. gsdtrainer says:

    Listen I am the lady that reported this. I am a dog trainer and yes all of those methods of gaining the dogs confidence do work because I have used them many times. What you do seem to understand is the area she is at isnt very large and you are one foot away from traffic that’s comming around a bend. Its to dangerous. I have told animal control to use a trap but they didnt yet. They wont close the road. But the city animal control is taking over and they said yhey will do whatever it takes to help her

    1. Kris says:

      I hope they get the dog! Please keep us updated and thank you for helping this dog!!!

    2. Betsy says:

      Lisa, I will send Reiki to her, I do a lot of work with lost dogs and the connection often helps them relax and go to an area that is safe. Either way the energy is gentle and supporting for her… if you want to contact me or want any more info.

  5. Joe says:

    There doesn’t appear to be news other than the initial news report. Hopefully, that abandoned dog has been rescued.

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