STOCKTON, Calif. (CBS13) – Stockton Police are searching for an armed and dangerous man suspected of stalking his wife for weeks and then beating her unconscious in a Walmart parking lot.

Police say Yonnee Jackson had been stalking his estranged wife since early July when he broke into her house and set it on fire.

On Monday, Jackson waited outside a Stockton Walmart for his wife to come out.  As she was putting her purchases in her car, Jackson approached her from behind, threw her to the ground and began beating her, according to police.

Jackson allegedly continued to beat her after she lost consciousness and only stopped when an off-duty park ranger pointed his gun at Jackson.

Jackson then drove away in a dark blue 2001 Ford Expedition with a personalized California license plate “BIGYONS”.

Police say Jackson has relatives in Utah and Washington State.

Comments (10)
  1. jim says:

    ranger should have done more than point his gun, he should have killed the worthless POS

    1. Swim says:

      If he’d shot the man ACLU and the black community would be screaming by now. Instead he got away to repeat this crime or worse.

      1. MR916 says:

        does it ALWAYS got to be a race issue with u dumb POS people?? i mean seriouslly!!! u ppl ALWAYS find a way to blame black ppl, or Obama for each and everything that goes on in the world!!!!!!! white ppl do some of the worst heinous crimes IN THE WORLD!!! ie… Scott peterson, the uni bomber, Jefferey Dahmer, Manson, CASEY ANTHONY!!!!! i can go on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. buba says:

    uhhhhhh, they ARE the cause of most it … check the statistics bro

  3. Religon? says:

    here goes with the RACE ISSUE, people please look at the bigger picture. WE ARE ONE. A man beat his Wife. What he did was againt the law and should be put to judice.

  4. billybob says:

    religon? Got spell check? Grammer check would be a thing to consider also!

    1. Joshua Peabody says:

      It’s GRAMMAR! LOL!

  5. Mike says:

    Don’t mater black or white or!!!!! Thank god someone has the balls to step in and try to stop him before he killed her.

  6. Lucy says:

    He was my 8th grade P.E teacher! :O

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