SACRAMENTO (CBS13) –– The wife of a murdered sheriff’s deputy is coming forward – and speaking only to CBS 13 about the case that has haunted detectives for nearly five years.

It’s been a very tough five years for Crystal Mitchell – August 12th would have been her 16th wedding anniversary with Jeff Mitchell – whose killer – or killers are still on the loose.

“As long as this murder is unsolved, I will fight for him,” Crystal Mitchell told CBS 13 in an exclusive interview.

Crystal Mitchell has been fighting for justice ever since her husband, Jeff Mitchell, a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy was gunned down on Meiss Road, south of Jackson Highway, on October 27, 2006.

“How can anybody go five years after doing something like that and still live with themselves?” Crystal Mitchell asked out loud.

The suspects are still at large, but after more than 4,000 tips on the case, there is a new development. Homicide detectives now believe they know who killed Jeff Mitchell – and why.

“Deputy Mitchell had stumbled across something that nobody wanted to be found,” Detective Tony Turnbull told CBS 13.

And that something was a suspicious white van with no rear license plate. And hidden inside were two dead bodies. Investigators strongly suspect that 43-year old Allan Shubert and 28-year old Nicole Welch were already dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. And someone had to dispose of their bodies – someone with a strong motive to cover up their deaths.

And that’s when Deputy Mitchell entered the scene – on patrol at 3:30 a.m. on Meiss Road in the Sloughouse area of Sacramento County – where he approached the white van.

There was a violent struggle, then a gunshot. And within seconds, an officer was down, mortally wounded with his own weapon.

Crystal Mitchell had to tell six-year old Jake that his daddy was dead.

“He didn’t understand why the doctors couldn’t just put a band aid on him and fix him like his daddy had fixed his wounds, his scrapes,” Crystal Mitchell told CBS 13.

“I strongly believe there is more than one person involved,” said Tony Turnbull, the lead investigator on the case. Detectives have already interrogated several key persons of interest – multiple times.

“We have caught people in a web of lies,” Turnbull told CBS 13.

But linking the killers to the crime scene, with a lack of DNA evidence, has been the stumbling block to breaking the case – a murder that destroyed a marriage and left a young boy without a father.

But Crystal Mitchell, who still wears the exact replica of Jeff’s badge around her neck – has never lost hope that justice will prevail. Investigators are counting on key witnesses to come forward now – people who know the killers – people who know what happened to Deputy Jeff Mitchell on the night he was murdered.

“I will do whatever it takes because I loved him,” Crystal Mitchell told CBS 13.
“I love him and I miss him. And he deserves that. And I want this for us,” she added.

If you have any information to advance the case, call Detective Tony Turnbull at (916) 874-3778.

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  1. janelwhite says:

    Realyy? Is that all she has to say? -Jane

    1. Marco says:

      What more can she say moron.

  2. Robert Brown says:

    His own sherif department workers are the guilty ones, I would bet on it…

    1. janelwhite says:

      Just like in the Caylee Anthony case. -Jane

      1. Charlotte Gehringer Clarke says:

        your such a dirt bag janelwhite.

  3. Marco says:

    Robert brown is a butt plug.

    1. janelwhite says:

      A butt-plug? But, how would you know that? -Jane

  4. Whitey says:

    Well, if Robert’s the plug, Janes the sphincter.

  5. Roberta Burns says:

    Shame on you Janel White! Have yiu never lost a loved one, a soul mate. Do you have a young son a child who can’t understand my his daddy is never coming home? IS that ALL you have to say? That part of the county is so isolated and that is why Gellego dump his bodies out there. That is why that white van might have been driven there and why Officer Mitchell confronted the driver.. I’m sure Mrs. Mitchell has a lot more to say but why should she say it for your gratification. Get a Heart!

  6. janelwhite says:

    Charlotte Gehringer Clarke, I believe you may be such a thing like you mentioned, but how relevant to the post topic is that? -Jane

  7. Bridgette R. says:

    @ Janel White How insensitive you are. There are real people involved. Very nice, decent peolple. You have no idea what that whole family has gone through and has to still endure while the killers are still loose. And your comments have been totally inappropriate and off topic. Bottom line, this family needs closure.

    You are what is wrong with the world today.

  8. Charlotte Gehringer Clarke says:

    Its actually people like Janelwhite that actually tries to hurt and smear good peoples names. YOU have no clue what the hell your talking about so why even comment? I know, because its like I said before. Leave your posts to yourself. leave the family alone.

  9. Pseudocognitive says:

    Why do media outlets allow comments on stories anyway? Why give ignorant, hate-filled people a free venue to spew more hurtful vitriol?

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